Be an affiliate seller of my e-books and Freelance Writers Den! Make money referring your writer friends!Carol Tice

If you are a Den member, you are already signed up as a Den affiliate! (If you’re not a member, see below.)

Here’s how you can earn some sweet cash — just for recommending my e-books, or introducing other writers to the benefits of joining Freelance Writers Den.

In my affiliate program, I offer a 50% commission the first month one of your referrals signs up for the Den, and 25% commission every month from there on. You get paid every month your signups stay in the Den! And an average Den stay is roughly six months.

I offer 50% commissions on all my e-books, too!

How to stay in the Den free

This is how easy it is: If you’re a Den member and refer two friends in a month, it’s like your membership that month is free. If you have just four friends who’ve signed up and are ongoing Den members, you’ll earn as much as your membership fee. Refer more friends, and you’ve got a nice side income as a fringe benefit of your Den membership.

There are other sales opportunities, too, such as chances to sell the Den’s bootcamps (nonmembers pay up to $297 for those, and you can take 50%).

The rules are simple: You cannot discount the price of any of my e-books, bootcamps, or Den membership. But you can feel free to offer an incentive, such as a free report, to writers who sign up through your link.

The e-book prices are set by me on my e-books page — you’ll get 50% of whatever they’re going for at the time you make a sale.

Not a Den member? Join as an affiliate HERE.

How to Access Your Affiliate Member Profile

Are you a Den member? You are already an affiliate! By joining the Den as a member, you are automatically lined up to be a Den Affiliate.

Enter your Den email and password — use the ‘lost password’ link if that doesn’t work or contact our troubleshooter for help.

Easy 1-2-3 Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Toolbox

  1. Check out the Affiliate Toolbox: Get yourself a banner, text links, and other promotional tools in the Affiliate Toolbox with easy copy/paste codes for your website.
  2. Start promoting the e-books and/or the Den. Install your banners and other promotional goodies on your website. Talk about the benefits of Den membership in blog posts, on Twitter, in emails — whatever’s your style.
  3. Get paid. I pay out on the 1st of the month — and there’s no minimum to hit! If you earn $1, I send it.

If you’ve never done affiliate selling, don’t worry. It’s easy, and my affiliate software will walk you through the process. You’ll sign up, get your unique affiliate code, and then it will be included automatically in your banners, text ads, emails, HTML ads and more.

Think of all the writers you know who are struggling to make ends meet and need to grow their income.

Tell them about the Den, and all the e-courses, live-events, and helpful experts in forums.

Earn money.

That’s really all there is to it.


Affiliate Training – How to Sell The Den

Would you like to be a successful Den affiliate… or any other product you’d like to affiliate-sell? This training includes a step-by-step on how to find and use Den affiliate links and banners. It’s also got a case study on how I did quite well selling A-List Blogger Club, back when my blog audience was still very tiny. It’s just 12 minutes — I’d love you to watch it:

If you're a Den member, you can ask affiliate selling questions here:

How To Win At Affiliate Sales

If you'd like to learn more about how to succeed at affiliate sales, I wrote a blog post all about how I did it: How One Blogger Stopped Sucking at Affiliate Sales

Note: You can be a Den Affiliate seller even if you are not a member of Freelance Writers Den.

--Carol Tice

Den Mother