Jan. 3: Atomic Habits for Freelance Writers (LIVE!)

James Clear

I’m James Clear. I’m an American author, entrepreneur, and photographer. I write about habits and human potential. The central question I’m trying to answer through my work is, “How can we live better?”

In order to answer that question, I uncover the latest scientific research and explain it in a way that you can easily understand and actually use. As I share these science-based ideas for living a better life, I like to showcase the habits and rituals of athletes, artists, and entrepreneurs. By analyzing the stories of top performers from many different fields and understanding proven scientific principles, we can start to tease out the common characteristics that make these people the best at what they do.

My specific focus is on self-improvement tips based on proven scientific research.

Jan. 14: Goals and Productivity for the New Year (podcast)

Ed Gandia

I wasn’t born a writer. And I didn’t go to journalism school. I was just a regular guy who sold software for a living.

But in 2001 my biggest challenge was not having the quality marketing materials I needed to sell my product. My employer couldn’t (or wouldn’t) help me. So I wrote my own. Fortunately, it worked! I generated a ton of leads. My sales numbers took off. And I quickly realized that I could write copy for a living.

I was DONE with the corporate grind and carrot-and-stick sales compensation plans. So in 2004 I started moonlighting as a freelance copywriter. I worked nights and weekends trying to make a go of it. It was hard. I worked nights and weekends. Plus more than a few all-nighters. I had no time for myself … and very little time for my family.

Along the way I co-wrote The Wealthy Freelancer with Steve Slaunwhite and Pete Savage, where we distilled the 12 secrets of successful freelancers. I also launched a top-ranked podcast in iTunes: High-Income Business Writing, which has nearly 14,000 loyal monthly listeners. And I created a coaching business to help ambitious writers and copywriters earn more in less time doing work they love for better clients. That’s become my passion and focus—working with talented and ambitious professionals to help them reach their full potential.

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