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Freelance Writers’ Den Pitch Clinic!

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Course Materials

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Module 1 Make Your Blog a Client Magnet

Learn the tweaks you can make immediately to showcase your blogging skills and boost your chances of getting hired to blog.

Unit 1 Kickoff Training: Top 7 Reasons Your Blog Never Gets You Hired (And What to Do About It)
Unit 2 Lesson 1: First Impressions
Unit 3 Lesson 2: Advanced Headlines & SEO
Unit 4 Worksheet: Blog Audit Worksheet
Unit 5 Live Q&A #1: Replay
Unit 6 Module 1 Homework: The One Tweak Challenge

Module 2 Get Your Blogging Noticed

Learn how to get your blogging skills on the radar of potential clients and gain recognition as a professional blog writer.

Unit 1 Lesson 1: Networking
Unit 2 Lesson 2: Guest Blogging
Unit 3 Lesson 3: Blog Post Promotion
Unit 4 Live Q&A #2: Replay
Unit 5 Templates: 10 Winning Headline Templates
Unit 6 Module 2 Homework: The Guest Post Headline Challenge

Module 3 Know What Gets You Hired

Learn to pinpoint your value to your ideal clients, and explain it in a way that makes hiring you a no-brainer.

Unit 1 Lesson 1: What Clients Want & What Blogging Does
Unit 2 Lesson 2: How to Talk to Clients
Unit 3 Live Q&A #3: Replay
Unit 4 Worksheet: Freelance Blogging Pitch Builder Worksheet
Unit 5 Module 3 Homework: The Pitch Email Challenge

Module 4 Module 4 Training: Before You Write

Learn what to do before, during, and after writing a post for clients, to avoid unnecessary rewrites and keep them coming back for more.

Unit 1 Lesson 1: Before You Write
Unit 2 Lesson 2: While You Write
Unit 3 Lesson 3: After You Write
Unit 4 Live Q&A #4 Replay
Unit 5 Bonus handout: Blog content brief example
Unit 6 Module 4 Homework: The Blog Content Brief Challenge