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Earn More as a Content Strategist

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Module 1 Adding Value to Current Clients with Content Strategy

You're likely already adding value to your clients through content strategy – providing SEO guidance, proposing ideas and writing social media posts. This module shows you easy ways to get more content strategy experience and grow your income by turning these tasks into new services (and higher rates) for your current clients.

Unit 1 Kickoff Training: Discover the $3K-a-Month Opportunity in Content Writing
Unit 2 Lesson 1: Creating an Editorial Calendar
Unit 3 Lesson 2: Creating a Social Media Plan
Unit 4 Lesson 3: Selling Strategy Services to Current Clients
Unit 5 Handouts: Social Media Resources and Post Ideas
Unit 6 Live Q&A #1: Replay
Unit 7 Module 1 Homework: Upsell a Strategy Package

Module 2 Evaluating a Client's Content Needs
Often the hardest part of content strategy is knowing where to start. This week, you'll learn the first two steps of content strategy – evaluating a client’s current content with a content audit, and discovering their competitors' content strengths/weakness with a competitive analysis
Unit 1 Lesson 1: Metrics 101
Unit 2 Lesson 2: Setting a Content Goal
Unit 3 Lesson 3: Performing a Content Audit
Unit 4 Lesson 4: Performing a Competitive Analysis
Unit 5 Templates: Content Channel Review, Content Analysis, and Competitive Analysis
Unit 6 Live Q&A #2: Replay
Unit 7 Module 2 Homework: Perform a Content Audit

Module 3 Creating a Content Strategy Plan

This week we dive into the cornerstone of content strategy – learning how to create a content strategy plan. You’ll also learn how to write personas that will thrill your clients. 

Unit 1 Lesson 1: Content Marketing Trends
Unit 2 Lesson 2: Writing the Plan
Unit 3 Lesson 3: Putting the Plan into Action
Unit 4 Handouts: Resources, Process, and Template
Unit 5 Live Q&A #3: Replay
Unit 6 Module 3 Homework: Strategy in Action

Module 4 Getting Hired as a Strategist

Learn how to get great clients contacting you for content strategy retainer work. You’ll discover how to market yourself as a strategist and connect with top prospects.

Unit 1 Lesson 1: Finding Content Strategy Clients
Unit 2 Lesson 2: Marketing Your Strategy Services
Unit 3 Lesson 3: Setting Your Rates
Unit 4 Live Q&A #4: Replay
Unit 5 Module 4 Homework: Create a mini-marketing plan