About the Den

Carol TiceHi! I’m Carol Tice, the founder and Den Mother of Freelance Writers Den. After over 15 years as a successful freelance writer, I founded the Den in 2011.

The Den’s mission

To spread marketplace knowhow and best practices, to help writers earn more from their craft. To boldly support your quest to earn a serious living as a freelance writer!

My personal mission is to help as many freelance writers as I can to quickly grow their writing income. The Den is the main platform where I make that happen (as opposed to answering emails one at a time, say).

The Den learning and support community has been around since 2011, and has helped over 10,000 writers. That’s a lot of data points on what’s working out there.

What’s IN the Den?

You may be wondering: What’s in the Den, anyway? A few quick stats:

  • Over 1,100 members
  • 90,000+ searchable forum posts
  • At least 1 live event each month
  • Regular pre-recorded podcasts with experts
  • 3-4 new bootcamps annually (and over 20 in the archives)
  • 300+ hours of downloadable Webinars and podcasts
  • An archive full of templates, contract examples, and pitches that got the gig

The secret sauce

The Den is your place to meet other motivated freelance writers — from all over the world — who can save you time, support your journey, and help you achieve your writing-career goals.

Who am I to be running a support and learning community for freelance writers? I’m a six-figure freelance writer, nonfiction book and self-published e-book author, and writer of the award-winning Make a Living Writing blog.

You might wonder why I started this community — the 1,000+ blog posts on Make a Living Writing not keeping me busy enough? Haha… yeah, that wasn’t it.

I opened The Freelance Writers Den to give you more and better-organized, quality information and individual help with your freelance writing career.

Basically, the Den is designed to help you ramp up your freelance writing income. You could take years to figure this all out on your own, or use the Den resources and get there a lot faster.

Got a question about the Den? Feel free to shoot me an email at help@freelancewritersden.com.

Are you an established freelance writer looking to double your income? Check out my Den 2X Income Accelerator mastermind program.

The answer place

Our 24/7 forums are a busy place. I’m in the Den several times a week, and we have roughly two dozen other writers and editors on our moderator staff. So it’s not one of those places where the forums are a ghost town. Lots of other pro writers are hanging out in here, too. The Den forums are busy every day, with writers getting negotiating help, finding accountability buddies, learning about pro rates, and more.

Freelance Writers Den Staff

Of course, I can’t run this whole room stuffed full of 300+ hours of freelance-writing resources by myself. So there are a bunch of truly awesome people who help out in the Den. When I’m not around, they are here to help you get the answers you need.

The Editor

Evan Jensen

Evan JensenIf you’d like to know if your pitch letter is any good, Evan Jensen is the one who’s going to help you make it sing. Evan spent time in the trenches as a newspaper editor and reporter for nearly a decade. He recently quit his own health-copywriting day job and dove into full-time work as a freelance writer, specializing in health, fitness, nutrition, chronic disease, and preventive medicine. Find him at The Healthy Copywriter. When he’s not writing or chasing his kids around, he’s out running and training for another 100-mile ultramarathon in the Pacific Northwest.

The Webmaster

Keira Dooley at Design by Dooley

Keira DooleyWhen something goes wrong and we can’t log in, or the forums go wonky, or we want a new feature added to the Den, I am extremely grateful to have a pro Webmaster who knows how to do it (who’s got backup from her own great team, too). Keira and I met when we both lived on an island near Seattle — we’ve both since moved on, but still get to hang out sometimes, like on a girlfriend trip to Playa Del Carmen and my recent team retreat here in Seattle. Keira also created the only writer website hosting/template/support solution I recommend (and affiliate sell!), FolioSetup.

The Moderator-in-Chief

Angie Mansfield

Angie Mansfield has been a professional wordslinger since 2008, when she got her first article published. With a little luck and a lot of research and elbow grease, she managed to claw her way out of writing for the content mills to start working for real clients. She now writes case studies, white papers, and other marketing materials for business-to-business clients, all from her secret lair somewhere in the Midwest. She’s also the Den’s resident moderator wrangler, writer-website reviewer, and finder of lost resources.

The Troubleshooter

Jennifer Roland

Jennifer Roland’s writing career started with a summer internship at an ed-tech publisher. That turned into a 12-year staff position, two cover stories in their magazine Learning & Leading with Technology, and an edited collection of their best articles. Since then, she’s moved into blogging, brand journalism, email marketing, case studies, ebooks, and bylined and ghostwritten articles for trade and consumer publications. She recently published her first book in her 10 Takes on Writing series.

Jen is the coordinator of our 7-day-a-week help desk, reachable at help@freelancewritersden.com, as well as event booker, email marketing lead, Facebook ad pro, and general miracle-worker.

Sound good?

If the Den looks like the place you’ve been looking for, join our waiting list for first crack at a seat. We’re currently open to the general public twice a year, in December and July…but if you’re on the waiting list, you’ll probably see a chance to hop in sooner.

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