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Kristi Valentini

I love the Freelance Writer’s Den and tell other writers that it is the most cost-effective resource.

I’ve really benefitted from the query and LOI reviews in the Den, and have used what I’ve learned to pitch top-tier magazines. I even landed gigs from two editors featured on Den podcasts – at AAA Journey & Redbook – after listening to the calls and then following up with the LOIs and pitches Denizens helped me hone. —Kristi Valentini

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10 ways the Den helps you grow your freelance writing income:

  1. Members-only, weekly live Den Meetings with top writing/marketing experts
  2. Complete transcripts of all our live events
  3. Unlimited access to 100+ hours of recordings of all my past Webinars, teleclasses, and podcasts with guests such as The Well-Fed Writer’s Peter Bowerman (sell for $100s if bought separately)
  4. Complimentary access to quarterly 4-week bootcamps ($197 apiece for nonmembers)
  5. Knowledgeable help and support 24/7 in our cozy Den forums (priceless!)
  6. Stay on track by sharing your goals and finding a writer accountability buddy
  7. Use our private message box for those sensitive questions (vs coaching at $200+ an hour)
  8. Our Junk-Free Job Board saves you time by featuring only good-paying offers
  9. Get vital feedback, including writer website and query letter reviews
  10. Get found by clients — set up a public, searchable member Profile

Who’s behind the curtain here?

Carol Tice

Carol Tice

Hi — I’m Carol Tice, a six-figure freelance writer and author of the award-winning Make a Living Writing blog. I’m proud of the three-year track record I’ve built helping other writers earn more through the Den.

How active are the experts in the Den?

Between Linda and me, we answered more than 1,800 questions in our exclusive members-only forum in the Den’s first six months alone! And we have a full moderator staff that includes two experienced editors — it’s not just us in here. We are dedicated to getting writers the help they need to grow their business.

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Let me in the Den waiting room, please!

I can’t wait to get in and learn how to grow my writing income.

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Why join the Den? It’s simple: Members earn more.

Bree BrouwerHere’s how I gained a client paying me almost 600% more than my worst client, who paid just $30 per blog post. I dropped that lowest-paying client last week, and literally a day later, a contact I made attending a conference emailed me about blogging for his company. He will pay me $175 per blog post! I was debating keeping the low-paying client, but I heard your voice saying, “They don’t recognize your worth.” Now, I’m hoping to consistently get my new rate with clients. -Bree Brouwer, Freelance blogger

Joe Can WriteI’ve been freelance writing for a year now and just got my first client paying a living wage. I’ve gone from $5 articles on oDesk and $50 for really long blog posts…to now I’ve just done the first post for a client at $65 an hour, about 4x my rate with past gigs. Although my portfolio secured me the gig, the tips I got from the Den helped me learn how to look for better clients and approach them. Ive already got another person interested in the same rate! -Joe Can Write, Freelance Blogger, Copywriter and Inbound Marketer

Lindsay Woolman

Thanks to one question I asked in the Den, I doubled my rates with a client and booked nearly $9,000 extra in revenue for the coming year! This is a HUGE breakthrough for me and I only spent 1 hour in the Den for this to happen. I highly recommend the Den if you are serious about writing and want to move up. -Lindsay Woolman, Writing That Sizzles

“After our inspiring Den Meeting, I sent out several letters of introduction to banking publications (I used to work in banking). I got an offer from one of them — 500-700 words for $500! A second banking trade publication responded and offered $1.50 per word. Everything I’ve learned in the Den has helped me demonstrate to editors that I’m a professional. Plus, it’s great to have a place where people are so supportive.”–Elizabeth Whalen

Within five weeks of signing up for the Den, I landed my first private client through the Den’s Junk-Free Job Board and increased my rate by 60 percent. That lead asked me to write more than 30 blog posts this month for about $50 apiece–that’s more than $1500 after just a couple of months at the Den, up from the couple hundred per month I had been making at the content mill. I’ve grown tons as a result of the Den and really appreciate the affordable value you offer here.– Mandy Harris, MandyHarrisWrites

Listen to Sarita’s story — Hear how she kicked the content mills and began earning much more, using tips she got in the Den trainings: 

Or download it: http://freelancewritersden.com/Media/Densuccess-Sarita.mp4

Listen to Josh’s story of how he used the Den to start his freelance writing business — from scratch:

Or download it: http://freelancewritersden.com/Media/Densuccess-Monen.mp4

“I’ve been in the Den less than a month and I’ve been soaking up the information. I sent a letter of introduction to a lead I got from the ‘Junk-Free Job Board’ and landed an $.80-a-word gig! Thank you for all the work you do helping others learn the ropes — and most of all, thank you for encouraging us to believe in ourselves.”–Sue Campbell

“Thanks to Carol’s mentoring, I negotiated a contract with a client for exactly the rate I wanted — $50 an hour — even though they were previously paying $9/hr. By asking about their budget up front, I knew they couldn’t afford my services for all the hours they wanted. I also used Carol’s advice to ask a lot of questions and offered a smaller, tailored package that met their primary needs and made it possible for them to pay me my desired rate. Thank you Carol!–Elizabeth Pagel-Hogan, Sweet Tooth Communications

“Last week, I finally summoned the courage to take my first steps in marketing, using soft techniques I’ve learned in the Den. Guess what? I landed three new clients in three hours. These are high quality, high-paying gigs. I’m ecstatic! I have quadrupled my business since getting involved in the Den a year ago. Thank you Freelance Writers Den.”–Linda Bryant, Nashville Freelance Writer

Den membership is $25 a month.

That’s right — members get weekly live trainings, access to our job board, PLUS all the e-courses, bootcamps, and forum support you need to skyrocket your writing income…all for LESS than the normal price of ONE $47 Webinar! Yes, that is kind of nuts, isn’t it? The Den is the best value I offer in writer support and learning. You can keep trying to figure out where the good clients are and how to crack good-paying markets — or you can make a small investment in your writing career and move ahead much faster. Membership in the Den is month-to-month and no obligation. You’re free to end your membership at any time. (If you forget, we’ll refund you.) Click on the tabs up top to see the courses in the Learning Corner and the Live Events schedule to see the topics we cover and the guest speakers we have coming up. It’s an exclusive atmosphere in the Den, not one of those rooms that’s so crowded you can’t find the experts or get your questions answered. Right now membership is roughly 1000, and Linda or I are in the Den every day, assisting members, along with our moderator team. We’re here to get you the information you need to move up and earn more.

If you want in on the best value in support and learning for freelance writers, join now. We are only accepting 300 new members at this time, and when the seats fill, the doors will close. I can’t wait to welcome you in!

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