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Bree BrouwerHere’s how I gained a client paying me almost 600% more than my worst client, who paid just $30 per blog post. I dropped that lowest-paying client last week, and literally a day later, a contact I made attending a conference emailed me about blogging for his company. He will pay me $175 per blog post!

I was debating keeping the low-paying client, but I heard your voice saying, “They don’t recognize your worth.” Now, I’m hoping to consistently get my new rate with clients. -Bree Brouwer, Freelance blogger

Joe Can WriteI’ve been freelance writing for a year now and just got my first client paying a living wage. I’ve gone from $5 articles on oDesk and $50 for really long blog posts…to now I’ve just done the first post for a client at $65 an hour, about 4x my rate with past gigs.

Although my portfolio secured me the gig, the tips I got from the Den helped me learn how to look for better clients and approach them. Ive already got another person interested in the same rate!
-Joe Can Write, Freelance Blogger, Copywriter and Inbound Marketer

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Lindsay WoolmanThanks to one question I asked in the Den, I doubled my rates with a client and booked nearly $9,000 extra in revenue for the coming year! This is a HUGE breakthrough for me and I only spent 1 hour in the Den for this to happen. I highly recommend the Den if you are serious about writing and want to move up. -Lindsay Woolman, Writing That Sizzles