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A free video training for freelance writers Presenters: Carol Tice & Linda Formichelli

What's wrong with your headline?

Learn how to write better headlines and get more writing jobs!

What you'll learn in this free video:

  • How to take your headlines from “meh’ to “wow” — and land more writing assignments. 
  • The top 12 headline problems that chase readers (and writing clients) away — and how to prevent them.
  • Just how much info you should share in your headline to get readers interested (without giving away too much).
  • The number one way to know what style of headline to use for each assignment. (Hint: It’s right in front of your face!) 
  • Why the most popular headline styles are the ones you DON'T want to use. And more!

Presented by:

Carol Tice

Longtime freelance writer Carol Tice created the award-winning Make a Living Writing blog in 2008, and founded the Freelance Writers Den community in 2011. Her byline has appeared in Delta Sky, Forbes, Entrepreneur, Alaska Beyond, Seattle Magazine, Seattle Business, and many more. She's also created brand journalism/sponsored content for SunTrust Bank, American Express, Dell, VisitSeattle, and more. Carol has coached hundreds of writers to higher earnings over the past 7 years, and has presented more than 25 online training courses.

Carol Tice

Linda Formichelli

Since 1997, Linda Formichelli has written for well over 150 consumer and trade magazines like Redbook, Inc., Women's Health, Target Marketing, and QSR. She's also the co-author of The Renegade Writer: A Totally Unconventional Guide to Freelance Writing Success and From Pitch to Published: How to Sell Your Article Ideas to Magazines. Linda has worked on content campaigns for CVS, OnStar, the American Lung Association, Wells Fargo, and more, and has taught hundreds of freelancers in various online writing classes.

Linda Formichelli

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