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“From $400 a month to 6 figures!”

My first three months as a freelancer, I made $400 a month. I just did my taxes, and I made well over $100,000 freelancing! Considering that last January and February I only made $1,500-2,000 a month, I’m pretty amazed — and I owe a LOT of it to what I learned from the Den! —Kat Tretina

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A thank you to Carol: The Den was my 1st real breadcrumb on trail to earning a living #writing online. Now earning up to $600/post. —Pam Neely

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As unbelievable as it is, I got an increase from around $10 to $100 from an online pub. I wrote for them in the past, and the editor got back in touch this year and was keen to have me back. While I loved writing for this pub, I no longer wanted to work for ten bucks. Carol encouraged me to tell them “I’m getting $100 for work like that now.

I did, and completely expected them to say I’m out of their range – but just last week, the editor said she’s keen to move forward. She promised to send the contract over next week and offered to pay 50% up-front! —Kasun Pathirage