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For new freelance writers only: Join Carol Tice and Mandy Ellis for a 3-month, small-group mastermind with optional 1-on-1 coaching. Claim the freedom and the creative career you've always wanted!

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Still dreaming of living the independent writer lifestyle? 

Maybe you’ve known for years that writing is your superpower, but you’re still stuck in a day job. Or you’ve dabbled, but you're earning pennies. You’re boggled by all the advice online – so you don’t move forward. 

If you could use a focused mentoring program to cut through the noise and get you taking action, good news! Freelance Writers Den founder Carol Tice now offers small-group coaching for new freelancers.


Introducing the New Freelance Writer Mastermind

This mastermind is a 3-month program based on the trainings in the Freelance Writers Den bootcamps Get Your First Freelance Writing Jobs and LinkedIn Marketing for Freelance Writers. We'll move through a series of simple steps designed to help you identify your best opportunities, market on LinkedIn and email, and land the best writing gigs, given your interests and experience. 

It's a rare opportunity to work a proven program with group support and 1-on-1 coaching from Carol and Mandy Ellis. The secret sauce? It's an opportunity to get both peer and coach support, plus book 1:1 individual coaching with either of us. Grab this rare chance to get one-on-one with Carol, who rarely coaches newbies!

Yes, I'm Ready to Launch!


Why do most new freelance writers fail?  

Today’s freelance marketplace can be confusing. And the internet is rife with low-pay gigs and outright scams. 

New freelancers often don't know what to avoid and what to focus on to make this happen quickly. Then, you run out of money and have to crawl back to that day job you hate.  

Writer fail

The New Freelance Writer’s Mastermind cuts through the clutter!

You get individualized coaching—based on Carol's decade of helping writers build their freelance careers—to help you formulate a customized, actionable plan to find your best starter clients and get rolling.

Road tested

A road-tested program… 

Before Carol founded Freelance Writers Den in 2011, she ran informal masterminds for freelance writers she was coaching. Many of those writers went on to thriving freelance careers, leaving stressful day jobs as teachers, accountants, lawyers, financial advisers, and more behind.  

Since 2016, Carol has refined and then formalized the curriculum of this program into Get Your First Freelance Writing Jobs. This mastermind is the only format where Carol works 1-on-1 with newbie freelance writers to keep your launch on track for 3 whole months. Aspiring freelance writers often ask Carol for individual coaching. Usually the answer is, 'Sorry, I don't do that.' But with this mastermind, the answer is yes!  

 Meet the Coaches

Carol Tice 

Hi — I’m Carol Tice, a six-figure freelance writer and author of the award-winning Make a Living Writing blog. I’m proud of the track record I’ve built coaching other writers on how to earn more.  

I’ve been a freelance writer for 18 years, and have earned a full-time living from writing since 1995. I cracked six figures in 2011, in the middle of the recession. My freelance clients have included Costco, American Express, Lending Tree, Alaska Airlines Magazine, Delta Sky, Forbes, Entrepreneur, Nation’s Restaurant News, Seattle Magazine, and many more. I live in Seattle with 2 teens, rescue-dog Rex and the man who's put up with me for 30 years.

Carol Tice

Mastermind pricing:

(Billed upon your acceptance into the Launchpad Coaching program.) 




$375 (3 payments of $125) 

Mandy Ellis

Mandy has been a full-time freelance writer since 2014. Her clients have included U.S. News & World Report, Afar, Conde Nast Traveler, Costco, National Realtor Organizations, and many more. She tripled her income in Carol's coaching program, Freelance Writers Den 2X Income Accelerator, and hasn't looked back since. She's been an ASJA Writing Mentor since 2018 and is a Den forum moderator, helping writers earn more every week. Learn more about her and grab her writing rates guide at mandyellis.com.

Mandy Ellis - LinkedIn Marketing for Freelance Writers

Mastermind Grad Rave:

"Turning down low payers -- too busy!" 

Katie Jones

“The Launchpad taught me to target my ideal clients and place a higher value on my writing. I am turning down low-pay clients and pushing my prices up as I continue to build my portfolio. I started daily marketing, and now, I've had 3 offers to write for new clients, all at a minimum of $200 per blog post. Before, I had a lot of rejection and people wanting to barter services. Now, I say, 'No thank you!'" 

Katie Jones Sarasota, Fla.-based freelance writer & LaunchPad grad

Mastermind Grad Rave:

"Charging up to $400 a blog post -- projected $40K in income!"

Launchpad Grad Rave: Cindi Conley

“I just signed my 4th retainer client and numbers 5 and 6 are about to sign as well! I've done website content for three new websites, a 4-pay brochure, and Webinar content. I got some clients from networking, and some from just changing my job title on LinkedIn, from what I learned in Launchpad. I've increased what I'm charging and this point, my price for a blog post ranges from $125 - $400 and up. I have so much work, I'm scrambling to keep up. I'm projecting $40K in income this year. Thanks, Carol!"

Cindi Conley Rocklin, Calif.-based freelance writer and LaunchPad grad  

This is My Time to Launch!  

Here’s What You’ll Learn in the New Freelance Writer’s Mastermind:  

MONTH 1: Find your niche and best opportunities.

Mastermind: Oct. 14, 2020 11AM Pacific

We'll revisit how to niche your business, refining your vision of which industries present your best opportunities. From there, we'll drill down to envision your best client types within those niches -- and use Carol's shortcut techniques to compile lists of quality leads you can pitch.

MONTH 2: Optimize your LinkedIn Profile and marketing.

Mastermind: Nov. 18, 2020 11AM Pacific

We'll take another look at your LinkedIn portfolio, and you can submit it for another group video review. It's also a chance to revisit your connection and referral scripts, make them shine, keep building your network, and tweak your whole marketing approach on LinkedIn.

MONTH 3: Build your pitching & writing skills. 

Mastermind: Dec. 16, 2020 11AM Pacific

Get your pitch letters critiqued -- as many as you want! This is the time to make sure your pitches are super-strong, so you get more responses and land more clients. This month's highlight: Submit a piece of writing and I'll critique it and show you how to impress clients with your craft.

Here’s What You Get:  

  • 3 Monthly mastermind calls (up to 90 mins.) with your group on Zoom to review materials, ask questions, learn from your peers, and get support. Need extra help? Apply for a 'hot seat' and get a mini-coaching session!
  • OPTIONAL: Book 1:1 coaching sessions with Carol or Mandy – Choose a single session or a package of 3 individual calls for highly customized, personal input on your launch plan and goals. We offer a range of pricing to suit your coaching budget. Carol rarely offers individual coaching for new freelancers, so hop on this chance.
  • Recordings of all masterminds and 1-on-1 sessions – rewatch, take more notes, learn more! 
  • LinkedIn profile video review – See how your profile stacks up against the competition, and get pro feedback on how to optimize it to attract your ideal client.
  • Unlimited pitch-letter reviews -- Get in a volume-marketing challenge and crank out the pitches, while our expert makes sure your ideas will impress.
  • One writing critique on a short piece of nonfiction writing of your choice. 
  • Ongoing networking after the mastermind ends – at graduation, your class joins my Cocahing Grads group for 6 months of continued support on your journey to freelance independence. 
  • The confidence to go out, build a solid starter portfolio, get hired, and become a professional freelance writer! 


Space is limited, and most of our seats are already taken! We keep mastermind group size, to make sure each student receives individual attention.

October may seem far away, but it'll be here before you know it. And these seats are first-come, first serve. If you’re interested in this program, apply now:  

I'm Ready to be a Freelance Writer!

Why 1-on-1 Coaching Alone Often Fails 

Over time, I've learned 1-on-1 mentoring isn't effective by itself. Gurus charge thousands for just a few hours' time, and many students don’t see big results. I hate that!  

With 1-on-1, your mentor is at a different career stage than you are. Their earnings seem unachievable. And it’s lonely, trying to ramp your business all by yourself. 

That’s why this mastermind combines small-group peer support with advanced training and optional 1-on-1 coaching time. This is my proven formula for launching a profitable freelance writing business. 

AND, instead of charging you $10,000-$25,000 like most masterminds require (up front!), this program is priced much more affordably. One good assignment from one new client easily pays for the whole progra! 

Is this Mastermind for You?

Admission to my new freelancer's Mastermind is by application only—because I want to make sure everyone in the group is a good fit for this program.

This mastermind can help you if: 

  • You have either participated with presenter feedback or self-studied either or both of the Freelance Writers Den bootvamps Get Your First Freelance Writing Jobs or LinkedIn Marketing for Freelance Writers. We'll assume you're already familiar with these training materials, or plan to self-study them in October, as we get started.
  • You've always been told you write well, and are now ready to make a career out of it
  • You have solid writing skills, but little or no freelance experience
  • You’ve freelanced before, but it's been a while, and you want to restart your business for the Internet Age
  • You’re freelancing now, but at low rates – under $50 per blog post or $100 per article, for instance.  

NOT SURE? Apply now, and we'll let you know if we think you're a fit, or if there are some steps you might take to prepare to participate in this mastermind.

Mastermind rave:

"More Than Worth the Fee!"

Launchpad writer testimonial 1

“Is it worth it? Yes! Even before I had my one-on-one coaching session, I'd learned more than in ALL the years prior. It's worth the investment just to have my mastermind group as contacts (plus you know how on target Carol is!)"

Juli Ocean Columbus-based freelance writer and LaunchPad grad 

Ready to launch your freelance writing career?

Imagine the lifestyle you’d lead if you were a freelance writer, earning enough to pay all your bills doing what you truly love. No, really—take a minute, close your eyes, and envision it. Working where and when you want, never missing a kid's play or sports event, taking vacations when you want without having to ask a boss's permission.

Do you need to be launched and earning as a freelance writer within the next few months? If so, let's make it happen.  


"I feel confident my LaunchPad program will help you take action and launch as a freelance writer, because of the hundreds of writers I've seen use my Step by Step Guide materials to start their careers. Still not launched at the end of this program? If you participate fully in this program and don't see results, I’ll give you a year of FREE access to Freelance Writers Den, so you can continue to work with me and get the resources you need."--Carol