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4-Week Bootcamp with Carol Tice & Sophie Lizard 

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Want to earn $$$$$ by writing blog posts?

Your blog is the perfect place to start building your business as a freelance blogger. It’s a collection of writing samples, a showcase of your style and personality, a demonstration of your digital skills, AND a powerful client-attracting tool.  

So… why aren’t eager clients beating a path to your door yet?  

Well, there are blog posts and then there are blog posts. The kind of blog post you’re writing may not be the kind that big-budget clients want to buy — at least, not yet.  

Luckily, we’ve got exactly what you need to turn your blog into a great writing sample that helps you land lucrative freelance blogging jobs. We share all the details in this month-long training led by freelance blogging coach Sophie Lizard and Freelance Writer’s Den founder Carol Tice!  

In just 4 weeks, you’ll take your blog posts from “okay” to “outstanding” and pick up pro techniques for attracting (and working with) the best clients as a freelance blogger.  

And it all starts with your blog — so you can succeed WITHOUT learning new technology or spending hours creating new writing samples.  

Transform your blogging from an unpaid hobby into a profitable freelance career.

Build the skills that win freelance blogging gigs

Sophie and Carol will teach you everything you need to know, step by step. 

You’ll get 4 value-packed weeks of training, with forum homework feedback from the experts and access to live Q&A calls with Sophie. 

We’ve designed this bootcamp to show you exactly how you can level-up your blogging skills and start winning gigs as a well-paid freelance blogger.  

Join our 4-week online bootcamp, Make Money Blogging for Clients.

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Here's how it works:  

Introductory Video If you didn't attend our introductory webinar live, start by watching our intro recording: Top 7 Reasons Your Blog Never Gets You Hired (And What to Do About It). This training will give you a basic understanding of how your blogging style and habits can attract lucrative freelance blogging gigs: what you can easily tweak to make a big impact, and what not to waste time on.

Each Week: Skills-building Homework with Individualized Feedback To rapidly build your freelance blogging career and help you get hired, you'll get feedback on your homework posts on our class forums from Carol, Sophie, and the Freelance Writers Den team.  

Recordings, Handouts and Transcripts Our materials are yours to download and re-read or watch at your leisure. We record and transcribe everything, so you won’t miss a moment and can always revisit what you need.

Homework Forum & Live Q&As Throughout the course, you'll be able to ask questions and "talk shop" with your fellow bloggers on the 24/7 class forum. Sophie will also hold a live Q&A web meeting every week in February, to ensure all your freelance blogging questions get answered.

What you’ll learn, week by week

Client magnet

WEEK 1: 

Make Your Blog a Client Magnet 

Q&A Coaching Call February 6 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET

Businesses and websites need high quality, useful blog content to keep their readers interested and customers coming back. When YOUR blog shows off your professional blogging skills, guess who those businesses want to hire? We'll explain best practices and tweaks to make immediately to attract marketers who want YOU to write for their blog.



Get Your Blogging Noticed

Q&A Coaching Call February 13 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET

You've probably heard the saying, "It's not what you know, it's who you know." That's especially true for freelance bloggers! We'll show you how to catch potential clients' attention and get your blogging skills on their radar. By the end of the week, you'll be all set to make a bigger impact and gain recognition as a blog writer.



Know What Gets You Hired

Q&A Coaching Call February 20 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET

Businesses don’t want to buy words -- they want to buy results. What results can you promise to deliver for your freelance blogging clients? We’ll help you pinpoint your value to your ideal clients, and you’ll learn how to explain that value in a way that makes hiring you a no-brainer.

Happy, starry-eyed client


Impress (& Manage) Your Blogging Clients

Q&A Coaching Call February 27 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET

Little or no experience working freelance? Don’t worry -- we’ll show you what to do before, during, and after writing blog posts for your clients. You’ll learn how to ask the right questions, avoid unnecessary rewrites, optimize your blog posts to get extra love from search engines, and keep clients renewing your contracts for ongoing, well-paid blog writing.

Have questions? Read our FAQs.

Praise for Our Courses

Lindsay VanSomeren

"I've made $2,500"

I took your course, and have been writing for three months. It's been awesome! So far, I've made $2,500. I wouldn't have been able to do it without having taken your course. 

—Lindsay VanSomeren

Jenn Flynn-Shon

"I was put on retainer for 5 posts a month"

I started having some major A-HA! moments and by the time I’d finished I felt like (for the first time in a long time) I wasn’t going to have to rely on content mills just to make a couple bucks as a writer. It didn’t take long before one of my pitches got noticed… I was put on retainer for 5 posts a month.

—Jenn Flynn-Shon

Gary Peterson

"Three clients... Average monthly pay: $3,000"

After taking your course and practicing what I learned, I have three clients. Writing for a travel company, world wide destinations. Average monthly pay: $3,000

—Gary Peterson  

Ready for the income and success you deserve?

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What makes this program unique? 

There are more than a few courses, ebooks and teachers available online, offering to teach you about freelance blogging. Many cost $1000-$2000, and take a whole year. So this is not your only option. But we’re confident it’s one of the best. It's also a 1-month intensive that helps you acquire lucrative blogging skills FAST.

All too often, people offering to teach you are barely out of freelance blogging school themselves. A blogger learns just enough to get a freelance career going, then decides it'd be easier to teach a course, only a few months out of the gate! 

But inexperienced teachers can’t give you the tried and tested advice or the well-honed insights that you’d get from someone with longstanding success inn paid blogginng. That’s why Sophie and Carol have joined forces to deliver this training for you… they EACH have more than a decade of paid freelance-blogging client experience, so they know what it really takes to attract and please blogging clients who pay pro rates. 

This is also currently the only way that you can get training from Sophie, whose 1-to-1 coaching comes with a long waitlist (and normally costs $197/hour). In this online program, you’ll have direct access to feedback and answers from Sophie in our forum and live Q&A sessions.  

Finally, no other course comes with a month of full access to everything in our Freelance Writers Den community — you get 300+ hours of additional learning opportunities, our Junk-Free Job Board, 24/7 forums, support from 1,400+ members, and more, to supplement your learning. All for the price of this single course. 

More course benefits:  

  • Stop dreaming, start earning. Put your training to work and get hired! 
  • Save time and avoid rookie mistakes. No need for trial and error with our step-by-step guidance. 
  • Quit searching for ways to “monetize” your blog, and earn reliable money freelance blogging instead. 
  • Gain confidence through action with homework and feedback from the experts. 
  • Know your real-world value (and set your freelance blogging rates accordingly). 
  • Keep it simple. We’ve distilled this to just 4 steps. Tweak your blog, get noticed, show your value, win gigs!  

Meet your instructors:

Sophie Lizard

Sophie was a science exhibition manager and pin-up model with a personal blog before she discovered freelance blogging in 2008. She won one of her first freelance clients by sending them a link to her blog, which featured photos of Sophie in stockings and a garter belt. (The client was a retailer of vintage-style hosiery, and was thrilled to hire a former pin-up as their blog writer.) Since then, Sophie has spent more than a decade freelance blogging, with clients ranging from big brands and confidential celebrities to online entrepreneurs and educators. She’s also the founder of the award-winning blog Be a Freelance Blogger, where her courses and coaching have helped hundreds of writers learn to build a successful blogging career. Sophie lives in the UK with her husband and children, who still don’t quite grasp how all that stuff she does online earns so much money.

Sophie Lizard

Carol Tice

Longtime freelance writer Carol Tice created the award-winning Make a Living Writing blog, and founded the 1000+ member Freelance Writers Den community. Carol drove over 2 millon unique readers to her Forbes blog in 3 years, posting weekly. She's also held down regular blogging contracts for Entrepreneur, Lending Tree, American Express, Bnet, and many more. Her first big business retainer client earned her so much extra income, she took her family — including her parents — on an Alaska cruise. Carol has coached hundreds of writers to higher earnings and success over the past 7 years. She's presented more than 25 online training courses.

Carol Tice

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So how much is it?

Your investment for 4 full weeks of training, hands-on help and individualized advice is just $297.

When you consider that ONE pro freelance blog post could earn you $200, $500, or even $1,000… this training is a wise investment in your future income.  

How will you feel when you have the freedom to write when and where you want, making good money from your freelance blogging business? What will you do next -- pay down debt, leave your day job, save for retirement, travel?  

You have to admit, that’s a crazy price for getting this hands-on help and mentoring. Where others charge thousands and tell you it'll take a year to get the hang of this, we've got a 30-day blast that will transform your skills and understanding of the marketplace. Let's do this!  

Ready to nail this?

Then let’s make YOUR blog attract high-paying freelance blogging clients:

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Daryl Watson

"Got my first real client–and launched my career"

"After just a few weeks in the Den, I went to a networking event and got my very first REAL client – one who was willing to pay a professional rate. I’ve since used the Den’s resources to build an SEO-friendly website that’s brought in more work opportunities than I know what to do with! My cannabis writing took off, and now I have three regular clients, plus two more that give me project work.  

If you’re a freelance writer, and you want to take your business to the next level, join The Freelance Writers Den. It’s one of the best investments you can make.”  

—Daryl Watson, The Cannabis Copywriter, the 

Lisa Rupple

"Got my first $3,000 contract!"

"In my Den bootcamp, I learned how to identify profitable niches and prospects relevant to my background and interests, including government contracting. Armed with my scripts vetted by Carol Tice and the bootcamp team, I reached out to a former colleague and shared my niche areas. We never got farther down the referral script than that. He immediately said that he had a few projects right now.  

We met, discussed his needs, and I negotiated a higher quote. The Den’s Get Your First Freelance Writing Jobs Bootcamp got me my first $3,000 contract! Without the bootcamp, I wouldn’t have reached out to this contact, and I would have woefully underbid. The bootcamp has more than paid for itself!"

—Lisa Rupple, Cleveland, Ohio

Maricel Rivera

"Assignments have been up to my neck lately, which is why I quit my job earlier than I had planned."

"I now have two corporate clients, and they provide recurring jobs. There are two more who I work with on a per article basis… Assignments have been up to my neck lately, which is why I quit my job earlier than I had planned."

—Maricel Rivera

Why prep your blog to win freelance blogging jobs now?

This is a growing market, with plenty of good clients available. Which is awesome, but if you wait another year, or even just another month, then when you finally make your move you’ll be playing catch-up to everyone who got started sooner than you did.  

Plus, more writers look to freelance blogging as their bread-and-butter every time print publishers lay off their staff. And there's rumblings of #recession2020, and more layoffs to come. So dive in NOW to get a head start and stay ahead of the competition.  

I'm ready!

No-Risk Guarantee

Not sure if this course is for you? Try this bootcamp out at no risk! Give our course materials and the Den a try for up to 7 days. If you decide it's not for you, we'll cheerfully refund your money. (We’d like to say “No questions asked,” but we’ll be dying to know how we can make our classes better.)


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