Earn more $$$ — self-publish your e-books or POD books!

(Impress clients and get more e-book ghosting gigs, too)

Take control of your writing career

  • Do you have useful information to share with the world? Tired of the feast-or-famine cycle of freelancing?
  • Maybe you’ve considered putting out an e-book you could sell, to diversify your income — but were overwhelmed by the technical requirements.
  • Perhaps you’re stumped on how to come up with a salable e-book topic?
  • Or you worried that the publishing and marketing costs would bust your budget.
  • Or maybe you tried putting an e-book out — but didn’t make any sales.

We hear you. My own first e-book was a flop! And technology makes me cry. Having a hit e-book that earns you substantial cash isn’t as easy as it looks.

I’ve taken the lumps, made the mistakes, and eventually mastered the system of successful e-book publishing. Now, I’ve got my dream e-book production team together and we’re ready to show you the easiest route to meaningful sales from your self-published works.

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Want to stand out and earn more as a writer?
This course is for you.

There are plenty of courses out there to help novelists who want to self-publish. Now, we’re bringing you a course designed specifically for nonfiction writers.

Advantages of self-publishing for freelance writers:

  • You have an independent income from your e-books or POD books
  • Feel poor? Put your e-book on sale for some quick cash
  • Your credibility and value to clients increases
  • You stand out from other freelance writers
  • You’re a proven longform writer with a great writing sample
  • Clients consider you for better-paying projects such as e-book ghosting

Why don’t more writers self-publish?

Some worry about the ‘stigma’ of self-publishing — but it’s fading fast. In fact, today over 30 percent of the e-books sold off Amazon’s bestseller list are independently published, AuthorEarnings recently reported. Nonfiction is a popular category for self-publishers, too, with about one-quarter of e-book sales.

More and more writers are catching the attention of clients and traditional publishers with their self-published works. (It helped Carol land *two* traditional print-book contracts!)

But the technical aspects stop a lot of writers — how do you know the right way to do this?

I’ve been self-publishing since 2010, and have earned $12K+ this year alone from my e-books — so far. Without a ton of marketing!

I’ve made the mistakes, figured it out — and now I’m bringing my own crack e-book production team together to share all their best tips, and teach nonfiction writers how to succeed at self-publishing.

E-Book basics in 4 weeks flat

(with homework assignments to help you take action and move forward with your e-book plan.)

You’ll discover how to:

  • Slant your book topic for maximum impact
  • Begin building your audience and creating awareness
  • Tips for organizing and writing your e-book chapters
  • Conquer the tech mess with pro A-Z instruction on *how* to publish
  • Cut through the e-book marketing b.s. and learn what’s really working
  • Save time (and your sanity) by breaking down the e-book process into simple steps

What you’ll learn in this bootcamp:

Week 1: BEFORE you write your e-book…and getting the writing done

The biggest mistake you can make when writing an e-book is to simply dash-off your draft, first thing.

That’s a recipe for zero sales.

In this first week, you’ll learn how to prepare the ground for a successful e-book, conduct market research with your audience, scope out the competition, and develop a marketing plan that works.

Then, we’ll tell you how to outline and write a well-organized e-book readers will love.

Week 2: Cover design and e-book layout using Microsoft Word

We know — a lot of writers are technophobes. So in this session, we take you through cover design basics and the easiest way create an e-book layout using  Microsoft Word documents.

Learn how simple it can be to write, format, and publish a professional-looking e-book, using tools you already know.

Week 3: Advanced publishing tricks & POD

Want to learn to make and own your own Mobi and ePub files? Publish on Smashwords? Upload to Barnes & Noble? We’ve got you covered.

We’ll also talk about emerging trends such as interactive iPad books, and about the latest in affordable print-on-demand options.

Week 4: E-Book marketing that works

There’s no one right way to market your e-book — which is why we’ll be showcasing several proven approaches, and giving you tons of marketing ideas.

Want to publish exclusively on Amazon? Sell off your own site? We’ll run down the strategies and help you write a marketing plan customized for the self-published work you want to write.

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Here’s what you get

Yes, you'll get ALL of this!

  • 4 x 1 hour training webinars with live Q&A
  • Bonus Webinar recording: Why My First E-Book Flopped — and What I Changed to Earn $12K+ in 2014
  • 1 Month Membership in Freelance Writers Den included!
  • Bootcamp chat forums for all your questions and feedback on homework
  • Video and audio / mp3 recordings of each live session
  • Complete transcripts of all live sessions

Plus these additional resources:

  • E-book planning checklist
  • “How to” handouts for all the popular e-book publishing programs
  • Marketing ideas cheatsheet
  • +6 other bonus trainings on self-publishing from Jeff Goins, Peter Bowerman, Guy Kawasaki, Danny Iny, Sean Platt & more!

Who can master a new technical skill in a brief, live training? Not me! That’s why our tech trainings will give you the basics — and then my production team will give you all the step-by-step details for each platform or publishing method on handy PDFs.

Yes, they come complete with pictures with big red arrows that point out exactly what to do. We know. It’s hard.

Our experts will be standing by on the forums, too, in case you still have questions.

Praise for our Den Bootcamps


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About your teachers

Carol Tice

Carol TiceHi there — I’m Carol Tice, founder of the Freelance Writers Den and author of the Make a Living Writing blog. I’ve published and authored or co-authored five e-books, most recently The Step by Step Guide to Freelance Writing Success and How to Get Great Freelance Clients.

I’ve also written two traditional print books: The Pocket Small Business Owner’s Guide to Starting Your Business on a Shoestring (Allworth Press 2013).

Keira Dooley

Keira DooleyI’m Keira Dooley, owner of Design by Dooley, a boutique design company that provides web services, e-book design, graphic design, traditional print design and social media services.

Carol brought me into co-teach this course because I am the lead designer for all of her e-books! I am also a webmaster, e-learning developer, instructor, graphic designer and fine artist. I love teaching writers about technology and design to help them create beautiful, useful books and e-books.

I’ve worked for California State University, the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising, and a large number of small businesses, entrepreneurs and non-profits.

Jen Olson

Jen OlsonI’m Jen Olson, co-owner of Wired Ballywho, a creative services team. Not only do we publish some of the most innovative e-books out there, we provide individual marketing strategies for writers,  organizations, businesses, and groups. My background and my passion are all about combining words and technology. I worked for several years as a journalist covering Native American issues, state government, crime, education, and the historic flood of 1997. Then I spent nearly 10 years at Microsoft in a variety of roles, including site manager, product planner, and program manager. I’ve also provided social media, online, and strategic planning for individuals, companies, and organizations.

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Don’t want to stay on? No problem — you’re free to cancel and depart after bootcamp. (If you forget, just tell us within 48 hours of your payment and we’ll refund you.)

Learn to self-publish and start earning more

Having a POD book or e-book under your belt sets you apart from other freelance writers. This bootcamp is a perfect way to get organized and get your e-book written and published!

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