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4 Steps to Earning Online

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Homework feedback + access to live Q&A calls

Struggling to find good writing jobs?  

We've got a proven, step-by-step system for launching your freelance writing business to success—fast. With pro writers to help you along. Packed into a compact training created by Den founder Carol Tice and led by Freelance Writers Den Moderator Jennifer Roland Cadiente.

Here's a one-time chance to get coached through a simple plan to launch your freelance career.

In as little as one month, you'll go from clueless newbie to knowing how to position yourself, get found online, build your network, get referrals, pitch, and get hired.

Without having to bid on Upwork, answer Craigslist ads, or join a content mill. 

Can't find good writing jobs?

 Stop wishing you could earn from writing—and let's make it happen.

Join our online bootcamp, Get Your First Freelance Writing Jobs. 

We'll teach you the simple steps you need to know to launch your writing career.


Learn the nuts and bolts...

Then, send your pitches!

We've designed this training to teach you everything you need to know about becoming a freelance writer, with a goal of helping you find your first writing job. We'll wrap with pitch letter reviews in the final week. Learn what really gets clients picking up the phone to call you—and avoid wasted time sending pitches that produce no result.

That sound good? 

Here's how it works  

Introductory Video
If you haven't seen our introductory webinar, you'll start by watching our intro recording: Avoid the Top 7 Mistakes of New Freelance Writers. This training will give you a basic understanding of how the freelance-writing world operates: what you can skip and not waste time on, and what actions will help you succeed.

Each Week: Skills-building Homework with Individualized Feedback To rapidly build your freelance career and help you get hired, you'll get feedback on your homework posts in our Facebook Group.  

Recordings, Handouts, and Transcripts Our materials are yours to download and re-read or watch at your leisure. We record and transcribe everything. Can't make a live Q&A? Leave questions ahead of time and read/watch answers later. No worries!

Homework Forum & Live Q&As Throughout class, you'll be able to ask questions and "talk shop" with your fellow writers on the class forums. Jen and Robyn will hold two live Q&As in March to ensure all your questions get answered.  

LinkedIn Profile Video Reviews! See your profile compared, element by element, with other students', in a game-changing video that shows you how to stand out from the pack.

Let's break down the learning, week by week

niche icon


Beyond Niche: Discovering Your Clients

The fastest route to freelance success is focusing your business on specific clients (NOT taking all comers). We'll analyze your experience and interests to choose your best-opportunity niches—and then, to pinpoint exactly the type of clients you should approach.  



Your Online Presence: LinkedIn Mastered 

Q&A Coaching Call
March 13 / 1-2 PT 

To start attracting your ideal prospects, we'll create a LinkedIn profile to serve as your online home for this launch. You'll learn what to put on each element of your LinkedIn profile, and how to impress—yes, even as a newbie.

referrals icon


Build Your Network & Get Referrals

Learn how to get clients contacting you for writing work! You'll discover easy steps to quickly build a large network — and scripts for exactly how to ask them to refer you clients who need your writing services.

templates icon


Pitch and Get Hired: Templates + Your Style

Q&A Coaching Call
March 27 / 1-2 PT

Stumped about what to say to prospects to make them choose you? We'll provide proven pitch templates you can use as a starting point. Then, we'll show you how to customize them to fit your personality—and grab your target clients' interest.

Have questions? Read our FAQs.

Raves for Our Courses

"By far the most valuable part of the course has been the coaching and mentoring. "

Kylie Saunder

“I just signed my 4th retainer client and numbers 5 and 6 are about to sign as well! I've done website content for three new websites, a 4-panel brochure, and Webinar content. I got some clients from networking, and some from just changing my job title on LinkedIn, from what I learned in Launchpad. I've increased what I'm charging and at this point, my price for a blog post ranges from $125 - $400 and up. I have so much work, I'm scrambling to keep up. I'm projecting $40K in income this year. Thanks, Carol!"

Kylie Saunder Copywriter

"Got my first real client—and launched my career"

Daryl Watson

"After just a few weeks in the Den, I went to a networking event and got my very first REAL client – one who was willing to pay a professional rate. I’ve since used the Den’s resources to build an SEO-friendly website that’s brought in more work opportunities than I know what to do with! My cannabis writing took off, and now I have three regular clients, plus two more that give me project work.  

If you’re a freelance writer, and you want to take your business to the next level, join The Freelance Writers Den. It’s one of the best investments you can make. "

Daryl Watson The Cannabis Copywriter  

"Finally got my client-attracting website created." 

Betsy Baker

I’ve appreciated this course. It’s been the kick in the pants I’ve needed to get a simple website up. I know the website still needs a lot of tweaking, but a lot of decisions have been made and it’s up. I can make it better bit by bit.

Thanks for laying out the info step by step, requiring homework, giving encouraging feedback. It was just the help I needed. And Omer is inspiring!

Also want to say a big thank you to Jen, Omer, and Robyn for the live Q&A calls. Those were very encouraging and your patience and answers much appreciated.

Betsy Baker
Manufacturing Writer

What makes this program unique?

There are plenty of classes about how to be a freelance writer. Go grab a $12 self-study class on Udemy...and get exactly what you paid for. Writers spin in circles for years, trying to use resources like these—because your launch needs guidance, to go fast.

Let you in on a dirty freelance-industry secret: Many "become a freelance writer" courses online are taught by inexperienced writers (we've seen one where the "coach" freelanced for ONE month, then sold a course). Here, you get two seasoned freelance writers and teachers with decades of experience in freelancing. 

Also, no other course gives you this level of homework feedback in a special Facebook group, live Q&A time, answers, templates, and advice —the ingredients you need to succeed.  

Freelance Writers Den: The unique writing community for learning and support

Finally, no other course comes with a month of full access to everything in our Freelance Writers Den community — 300+ hours of additional learning opportunities, our Junk-Free Job Board, 24/7 forums, support from 500+ members, and more, to supplement your learning. All for the price of this single course!

More course benefits  

  • Save a ton of time. No more trial and error! 
  • Launch faster, earn more. Be one of the elite set of new freelance writers who earns well their first year!
  • Stop chasing low-paid "opportunities" on content mills and bid sites, and learn where the $$ is 
  • Gain insight into your best opportunities, where clients would be eager for your help—and able to pay well
  • Get templates. No need to reinvent the wheel—we know what works, and will hand you those formulas
  • Keep it simple. We've boiled this down to just four basic steps. Niche, create an online presence, get referrals, pitch. Get hired! No more reading 'round and 'round online, not knowing what action to take

Meet your instructors

Jennifer Roland Cadiente

Jennifer Roland Cadiente has been a freelance writer since 2006, after leaving a staff job at an education technology trade association where she worked on the member magazine, various peer-reviewed research journals, email marketing, and the association website. She has a bachelor's degree in journalism and political science, and has written two books, most recently Pacific Northwest Writers: Perspectives on Writing.

Robyn Roste

Officially, Robyn Roste is a professional writer with 15 years of experience in the non-profit sector. She also has a bachelor of journalism and diplomas in media and communications and biblical studies.

These days, she works as a marketing strategist and copywriter, is a Certified Funnel Pro, and has a passion for helping freelance creatives leverage their talents in more impactful ways, get paid their worth, and step with confidence into their space as thought leaders.

Robyn Roste

So how much is it?

Your investment for a full month of hands-on help getting your business up and running and landing your first clients runs just $297.

Imagine your day as a full-time freelance writer — no more day job, no boss, keeping your own hours, enjoying the satisfaction of being in business for yourself. Aren't you ready to make it happen?

Alison Eaton

"Just sent my first invoice ever!"

"Just sent my first invoice ever, for $500 (AUS). I’m glad I went high—sets expectations for next time. Added 14-day payment terms to my invoice—thanks for that tip!" —Alison Eaton, Procedure and process document writer, Newcastle, Australia

Sound good? 

Then let's get you your first freelance writing jobs:



Why launch your freelance writing career now?

Launchpad rocket

It's simple: Remote work is now the dominant mode. Unemployment is high in creative fields, and the job market is difficult right now. There's never been a better time to take control of your own destiny and build a freelance career. Companies that have done mass layoffs are turning to freelance writers to get the marketing done as they pivot, reopen, and communicate their changes. There's a ton of opportunity if you know where to look.

"Recession 2024" is here.

If you're exploring the idea of freelancing, take a massive shortcut to success — spend March with seasoned pro writers who can show you exactly what's working best in these unique times to launch and quickly build freelance income.

No-Risk Guarantee

Not sure if this course is for you? Try this bootcamp out at no risk! Give our course materials and the Den a try for up to 7 days. If you decide it's not for you, we'll cheerfully refund your money. (We’d like to say “No questions asked,” but we’ll be dying to know how we can make our classes better.)


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