Escape the Content Mills

Escape the Content Mills

Sick of writing for pennies? Desperate to earn more?

If you’re burned out on writing reams of quickie content each week just to pay basic bills—you’re not alone.

Our survey of more than 400 content mill writers found most mill writers are urgently trying to escape this grind and earn more.

Why? Well, one reason might be that about 65% of mill writers earn $10 an hour or LESS. That’s just wrong.

Even if you’re happy writing for mills, there’s a problem. Cheap SEO content is a shrinking writing niche, thanks to Google. Less traffic means less ad revenue, and less money for writers. It’s just that simple.

If you’re cranking out 10 articles a day to earn a living, what happens when the work dries up? Gulp.

That’s why smart freelance writers are laying plans NOW to move up and out of the mills and finally start earning what they’re worth. And why we’ve put together an ultra-affordable, 4-week Freelance Writers Den bootcamp to help you Escape the Content Mills!

Better Pay is Out There 

You have the skills, so why aren’t you earning more — much more? 

Instead of $5 or $25 per gig, you could be earning $100-$300 per blog post and more…$300-$2,000 per article…$750 for a 1-page case study…or $500 a page for a white paper. It’s easy to forget when you write for mills, but professional rates are much higher.

We've mentored and trained thousands of writers inside Freelance Writers Den, so we know exactly what keeps you from moving up: Fear. Burnout. No time. Lack of a client-attracting website. Confusion around how to market yourself, who to contact, and what to write about. 

After coaching many writers caught in the content mill trap on how to break out and earn more, Den Mother Carol Tice teamed with The Renegade Writer's Linda Formichelli to develop an affordable online course to help more writers: Escape the Content Mills. 

Long delivered as a self-study e-course, Escape the Content Mills is available in February 2018 ONLY as a 4-week supported Den bootcamp with live coaching, homework feedback, and support from Carol and Den moderator-in-chief Angie Mansfield, who's helped hundreds of writers in the Den, and is herself a content mill escapee.

What You Get:

4 Core Lessons get you set to earn more:

  • Finding Your Niche: Avoid wasting time and find your most lucrative niche with our fail-proof step-by-step guide + a fillable PDF worksheet!
  • Markets That Pay: Learn about great freelance markets that want YOUR writing (and pay well for it!)—including where to find these markets, and who to contact.
  • Marketing That Works: Discover the simple marketing techniques that work best today—with loads of details on how to make each tactic work for you. Need more resources to learn a new marketing skill? The Den has tons of additional trainings you can tap, plus a forum where we'll review your pitch letters and make them shine.
  • The Business of Freelancing: This lesson gives you all the nitty-gritty details you need to leave mills behind, from business formation and contract samples to writer website and negotiating tips.

Each core lesson is a self-paced PDF, and includes dozens of useful resource links to expand your learning!


4 LIVE COACHING/Q&As: Let us coach you through your best niches, help you find and identify prospects, and more in these live sessions with Carol and Angie on Wednesdays at 11Pacific / 2 Eastern ― Feb. 7, 14, 21, 28. Can't attend live? No problem! You can ask questions ahead of time and listen to answers later on.

FULL TRANSCRIPTS of all live Q&As, Webinars, and podcasts, so you can unpack more tips and learning at your leisure.

HOMEWORK SUPPORT FORUM for 24/7 feedback and coaching on your homework assignments. 

ZIP FILE of all printed training materials at the end of class, for you to keep and revisit in future.

Plus these useful bonuses:

  • WEBINAR: 8 Ways Low-Earning Writers Can Make More—Fast. This Webinar will provide a much-needed dose of motivation, while introducing you to simple steps you can take to quickly grow your income, along with info on the easiest move-up markets.
  • BONUS COURSE!: Write Big: A Fear-Busting Bootcamp. If fear has held you back from pursuing better gigs, this practical bootcamp from Carol and Linda will get you over the fear hump and help you take action.
  • PODCAST: Earn More As a Content Strategist with Greg Ciotti (now content marketing lead for Shopify)
  • Escape the Content Mills: 6 Writers’ True Stories of Breaking Out and Earning More: Think it can’t be done? This 38-page e-book details how six writers from all over the world left content-mill rates behind and now earn way more.
  • PLUS: Sample contracts, negotiating tips, writer website and LinkedIn marketing best practices, and more!

Not sure if this class is for you? 

DOWNLOAD A FREE COPY OF THIS REPORT for a sample of the tips & info we’ve got for you.

Writer tested!

We beta tested Escape the Content Mills with hundreds of content mill and Upwork writers, to make sure we provide absolutely everything you need to start earning more--fast. 

We built this bootcamp with our beta testers’ feedback in mind, adding dozens of additional tips and resources to help you finally escape the content mills for good.

(And by the way: You don’t have to be a content mill writer to get a lot out of this class…just a writer who would like to move up and earn more.)

About Course Creators Carol Tice & Linda Formichelli

We’re 6-figure freelancers who have over 35 years of full-time freelancing experience between us. We’ve written for Entrepreneur, Redbook, Forbes, Writer’s Digest, Alaska Air, Seattle Magazine, and Health…such businesses as OnStar, Costco, Sprint, American Express, Tripadvisor, Dun & Bradstreet, and Pizzeria Uno…and blogs including Copyblogger, Boost Blog Traffic, Tiny Buddha, and Write to Done.

Carol Tice
Linda Formichelli

Linda Formichelli, The Renegade Writer

Here’s what our students say:

Gina Valley

Happy dance time! Just got a $1,600 project! 

I’m so excited! Escape the Content Mills really opened my eyes to what a professional writer should charge, and that I should never sell myself short.

I’m usually paralyzed by over-analysis and wanting to get everything perfect before I take action. But I put together a quick portfolio of past clips from my content mill work, and started sending letters of introduction to prospects. And wow! I got a rush order for a $1,600 project. Thank you, thank you for giving me the steps and confidence to get out there!

I also just interviewed with a biotech company and secured a long-term contract at 10 hours a week at $50 an hour. During the interview she asked me what my rate was, and thanks to the class, I said $50 an hour (it was scary—trust me!). She didn’t hesitate AT ALL to accept that rate. I almost think she would’ve given me more. Woohoo! Before this course, I never would have asked for that rate–I would have sheepishly asked for $15 an hour. —Gina Valley

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Mary Horneck

Thanks for the raise! 

Oh, and THANK YOU for the raise! Yes, I gave myself a $15 per hour raise on this project, as a direct result of what I learned in the Escape the Content Mills course. I didn’t even blink. My usually quivery insides never rumbled once when I said $65 hourly instead of the $50 I had been asking. 

Based on the things I’ve learned from the two of you, I am probably still a little low, but it’s a step in the right direction. It represents a quantum leap in more correctly valuing my services and understanding what the local market will bear. —Mary Horneck

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Renee Toikka

I got a promotion! 

Escape the Content Mills gave me the courage to approach a magazine I was volunteering for. I asked them for a book deal, and they agreed! They also asked me to build them an app. During that meeting, I came up with more ideas about their sister product. They put me on the collaboration team, with a guaranteed spot as a lead writer when it goes live. Thank you so very, very much for the knowledge, courage, and inspiration to move myself forward out of content mills and into real writing. —Renee A. Toikka

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Sharon McElwee

Score! Just got a lead from a LinkedIn prospect! 

After reading about LinkedIn in Escape the Content Mills, I’ve really been working on my profile and trying to build connections with influential people. 

After a couple of weeks of reading Millo and their sister publication, I decided to cozy up to the editor-in-chief to see if his site is looking for new writers. Not only did he give me a thumbs up, he gave me the contact information for their content manager and said to let her know that he personally recommended me! I’m starting to get the hang of marketing with LinkedIn. It was reassuring to see that the method I found most successful was the one recommended in the course. —Sharon McElwee

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Debbie Curtis

Learned more than I did in a college course...

Actually, I learned much, much more from you and Linda than I did taking “Writing for Magazines” at Cornell. —Debbie Curtis

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And…we made it affordable!

We know if you’re looking to move up from low pay (or no pay!), you want to learn everything you need to know—without emptying your wallet in the process. 

That’s why we offer 2 low price plans for Escape the Content Mills:

Take the class for $197

Save over $100! Join the Den for $25, and get a 'Den deal' offer for just $67

If you’re interested in making the leap from content mills (or any low-paying writing work) to a great living as a freelance writer, and don't want an ongoing monthly membership commitment, jump on board now!

As soon as you're in, we'll shoot you an offer to take Escape the Content Mills as a Den member, for just $67!

Your Den membership fee gets you a full month of Den membership―you can stay on as a monthly member or leave anytime. 


Worried Escape the Content Mills might not be for you? 

Well, there’s no risk to trying it! Because we’re so confident that you’ll find it well worth *more* than the class fee, we offer an unconditional guarantee.

If you aren’t satisfied with the knowledge and resources you get in Escape the Content Mills, simply let us know and we’ll send you a full refund. Period.

100% Money-Back Guarantee

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Escape to better pay—now

If you’re tired of grinding away at the content mills for pennies—and are ready to move up, earn more, and be in control of your writing career—then it’s time to Escape the Content Mills. We're ONLY able to offer this course with suport in February 2018. You’ll gain the skills and confidence to ask for what you’re worth, and to earn good money doing what you love.