Checking out Earn More as a Content Strategist? Good for you!

Our Freelance Writers Den bootcamps pack a lot of learning into a short time—and taking a class inside our community has a few special angles to it.  

To make it easy to get up to speed, here are answers to all the common questions we get about Den classes in general, and Earn More as a Content Strategist in particular:  

1. Is Earn More as a Content Strategist suitable for working freelance writers? 

Sure thing! This is for writers who've been in the trenches writing content — blog posts, ebooks, case studies, and more — for clients but want to add more value (so they can earn more money!)  

This course is designed to deliver the nuts and bolts of content stratgy and give you the confidence to go after top-paying retainer clients, with just a 4-week burst of learning.  

2. What will you cover in Earn More as a Content Strategist?

We cover how to start adding more value to your current clients, how to evaluate what a client needs and create a targeted content strategy, and then to go after new content strategy clients. For more details, see the 'week-by-week' section of the main info page.

3. How flexible is this? I work a day job...

No problem! We record and transcribe everything. Each week, we’ll release pre-recorded trainings/transcripts for you to watch as you have time. You also get four weekly, live Q&A calls and support in an exclusive 24/7 homework forum. Not available Thursdays at 10 Pacific / 1 Eastern for live Q&As? You can submit questions ahead of time and listen to or read answers later. In other words, we’re 100% flexible!

4. Can I keep the materials?

Yes, you can! They’re all downloadable, for as long as you’re a Den member.

5. When does the bootcamp begin?

Class officially begins April 2.

6. How long will registration be open?

Earlybird registration (where you get a couple of highly useful bonuses you can start learning with right away) ends March 24. The last day to get into Earn More as a Content Strategist is April 3.

7. Does this course include membership in your Freelance Writers Den community? 

Yes, it does! Earn More as a Content Strategist is a Den bootcamp and includes full Den membership privileges. That means you can access all of our 300+ hours of trainings and 24/7 forums during your class time -- including Business Blogging Mastery and and supplement your learning.

8. What if I want to stay on as a Den member after the bootcamp?

You’re all set — your bootcamp membership will automatically roll into $25-a-month, regular Den membership (and save you big on upcoming bootcamps) after the 4 weeks of class. No waiting up to 6 months for us to open for new members again!

9. What if I want the bootcamp, but don’t want to be an ongoing Den member? I just want to come take this one class and then leave...

No problem! You can set up your registration as bootcamp-only—see the special button for that at the BOTTOM of the registration page. You can also join us for Earn More as a Content Strategist and Den membership, and if you change your mind about staying on, just fill out the easy cancellation form inside the Den by April 30. (If you forget, just tell us within 48 hours and we’ll refund you. No worries!)

10. Is there a contract or obligation to stay on in the Den?

No way! The Den is month to month, no obligation, leave anytime. 

11. What if I join for class, but quickly see it or the Den isn’t for me?

We offer a 7-day trial guarantee on both, so feel free to give us a try! If within a week, you realize the Den or this bootcamp is simply not what you need, we'll refund you. It's no risk. I'm confident that once you get a taste of the support and learning the Den offers, and the focused, hands-on learning of bootcamp, you'll want to stay. 

12. Can I pay via Paypal or with a credit card?

Either will work! We now also accept some alternative forms of payment, including ApplePay, e-check, and more. NOTE: We are currently experiencing a technical issue on our sales page for using Paypal -- email for assistance if you'd like to use that payment method.

13. Are there other opportunities like this you could recommend, where I get individual feedback from successful content strategists?

Not that I’m aware of! Many other providers of online courses for writers run their classes on autopilot, and/or charge $1,000-$2,000 and up. Den bootcamps are one of the best values online in trainings that rapidly impart new skills with hands-on, expert feedback -- and that makes a real difference to your income potential.

14. What if I'm a Den member - is this course free?

You're free to self-study the bootcamp materials as part of your Den membership. If you'd like to hop on the Live Q&As, and get individualized, expert feedback and homework review in the forums, you'll need to become a full participation student.

See your email for a link to your 'Den deal' that adds full bootcamp access to your membership, or email for assistance.

Still have questions about Earn More as a Content Strategist? 

Check out the info page, it’s got all the details on what we’ll cover week-to-week, when Q&As will be held, and more. Still baffled? Email us at My handy helpers are happy to fill you in!  


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