Checking out the Den 2X Income Accelerator? Good for you!

This coaching program has helped a lot of writers double, triple, and even quadruple their income.  

To make it easy to get up to speed, here are answers to all the common questions we get about Den 2X: 

1. What is a mastermind? 

A mastermind group offers a combination of peer and expert support, learning, and accountability. 

In my masterminds, the whole group meets live once a month to brainstorm and learn about the month's action items. Then we talk in group chat on Slack 24/7 inbetween. You also get two 1-on-1 sessions with me or my co-coach Angie Mansfield, for in-depth coaching on your top issues.

2. Does this program include Freelance Writers Den membership? 

Yes, it does! Six full months of it. (If you’re a current member, we suspend your regular Den payments.) So you can supplement your learning with all the Den bootcamps and other resources. 

And you’re free to stay on as a regular member after Den 2X concludes — no wait list for you.

3. Why do I have to apply?

Two reasons: 1) I want to make sure you’ll find the program useful; and 2) I want to make sure there’s a good mix of students who’ll be a great peer support group for each other. Basically, if you're an established freelance writer who is under-earning, you’re probably right for this program. 

4. Is there a fee to apply?

Not if you apply by Dec. 20, for the Jan. 2020 class.

After that, you may be asked to pay a $100 application fee (counts toward your 2X program fee) in order to claim your 1:1 flash coaching session with Carol or Angie, and to participate in a group coaching event coming up on Dec. 18. If we decide you're not a fit for 2X, that $100 fee is refunded.

5. How will I know if I’m accepted?

I’ll get back to you within about 48 hours.

6. How much time does Den 2X take?

That’s entirely up to you, and depends in part on where you’re at in your freelance efforts. The assignments shouldn’t take more than an hour or two to do each month...and how aggressively you take action to market yourself is up to you (more is better, obviously!). There are no hard deadlines, and I’m totally flexible about your progress. Life gets busy, I know.

7. Can I get a refund if I end up not participating?

No. But, if you participate in all your masterminds and 1:1 coaching sessions, do all the monthly assignments and STILL don't double your income within 12 months — I'll refund your entire program investment.

8. So you guarantee your coaching?

For my 1:1 students, yes I do!

This is a proven program where students who do the work get results, so I've got no problem offering you this guarantee. Because the ‘follow along’ level is a new offering, I can’t extend the guarantee offer to that part of the program. 

9. Do you offer a payment plan?

10. What if I don't make $20,000 per year yet? 

Yes! We have a 6-pay plan for our full-participation students. Just email after you're approved to request that option.

We have a 'follow along' level just for you! When you apply, we may approve you for this level. The program investment is more affordable, and includes everything in Den 2X except 1:1 live coaching with Carol.

11. If I don't sign now, can I join a future Den 2X class?

No guarantees that I'll offer coaching again in the future. This is the only Den 2X class I'll hold in 2020. If you want in, be a high-earning writer (and not a 'waiter'), apply now.

Still have questions about Den 2X Income Accelerator? 

Check out the Den 2X info page, it’s got all the details on what we’ll cover month to month, when Q&As will be held, and more. 

Still got questions? Email us at My handy helpers are happy to fill you in!  


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