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Video Testimonials with Over-the-Shoulder Coaching Tips!

Tired of seeing testimonial pages that don't really tell you much about HOW the student got their great result? Us, too. 

That's why we've collected this set of videos for you. These mostly aren't testimonials like you usually see — many of these are excerpts from actual coaching sessions we've done with Freelance Writers Den 2X Income Accelerator graduates.


You won't just hear about the incredible results many of our students get in our proven, 6-month coaching mastermind group for writers looking to double their income — you'll hear our customized coaching tips for them to earn even more, plus their story of how they got there.

Real results. In students' own words. With coaching tips you can use included. Sound good? Then take a listen! Enjoy the free learning — for more about Den 2X, visit this page

Tripled her income — from India. In 6 months!

We're so excited to bring Kelsey's tips to struggling writers that we're sharing out this video! We want ALL struggling writers to hear how, working online and based in India, Kelsey was able to go from $25,000 a year to $80,000+, in her 6 months in Den 2X. In this excerpt from Kelsey's 'exit call,' you'll hear how she made it happen, as well as tips on getting more assignments from editors — and on the easiest way to keep your income growing.

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NEW GRAD: Georgie went up 6X in 4 months! 

Think you can't go from near zero to $5,000 a month in income, in just a few months? Longtime farmer Georgie Smith talks about how she quickly found clients in niches few even try: hemp and legal cannabis. Her prospecting tricks included tracking investor money to see who to pitch.

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Laura's path to $120K+

Laura MacPherson is another one of our $120K+ income grads. In this video, she reveals how she got serious about proactive marketing for the first time, and focused in on a tech niche that took off. Learn her 'super-personalized' approach to getting more responses from her pitches!

Sylvie's inspiring 3X story

Do you feel insecure about your writing skills? Think it's hard to earn well as a non-US writer? Listen to Canadian Sylvie Tremblay describe how she got out of her comfort zone and TRIPLED her income. If you think you can't connect with major corporate clients — well, she talks about how she did that, too. 

Is your 2022 goal to earn six figures?


Hear how Alyssa Goulet kicked the Upwork habit and brought in a steady stream of quality leads... to nearly 4X her income in a year flat! She runs down all the 2X steps that transformed her business. 


Hear how Diane Faulkner doubled her income, got booked up FAR in advance with great retainer clients... and even got an opportunity to guest on a streaming TV channel to build her freelance authority.


Adria Greenhauff doubled her income in just a few months, and started earning as much as she makes in her (soon to be quitting!) day job. Hear how she scored 4 new clients off LinkedIn in a single month, among other marketing angles that paid off big.

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How Cynthia beat too-low rates

Cynthia Kenworthy was stuck getting too-low hourly rates. In this video, she describes how she DOUBLED her rates to ramp up her income! If you need a mindset shift, check out how Cynthia changed her attitude, 'got in the driver's seat,' and landed the clients she truly deserved.

Emily's rocky road to $120K

When life stuff happens, do you find it hard to keep your freelance-writing business growing? Emily Omier's story should inspire you — she had a baby. Shortly after, her husband died. Then her mom. Multiple moves ensued. She describes how she bounced back to ramp her income to $120K+!

Kaitlin, Anne-Marie & Craig all 2X'd their income

This video is an excerpt from a Den 2X coaching mastermind call. Kaitlin Morrison, Anne-Marie Hardie, and Craig Adeyanju all doubled their income (or more). Anne-Marie gets tips from me on how to quickly replace one client... and be sure to hear how Nigeria-based Craig got a new apartment in a safer neighborhood with better wifi, once he grew his income 2X (Love the life-changers!). Watch for Karen Smock to check in on her earnings, too. 

Maria learned to ask for what she's worth

One of our first Den 2X Self-Study success stories, Maria Baltazzi learned her own value so she could earn what she's worth.

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