Secrets of Persuasive Online Copywriting

Essential techniques to charm, convince and convert online. 

Does your copy fall flat when it comes to conversions? Are your clients’ customers stumbling through your words, before leaving to buy somewhere else? 

Your copy lacks persuasive power.  

This 4-week Freelance Writers Den bootcamp lays out the fundamentals of persuasive copywriting so you can charm, convince, and convert customers―in a way that doesn't feel sleazy or pushy. 

Learn how to write homepages, product descriptions, and services sales pages so that online customers stop surfing and start buying―PLUS, master essential search optimization techniques, so that your copy gets some Google love, too.  

Ready to become a persuasive powerhouse? 

Set a rock solid foundation for your copywriting skills.

In Secrets of Persuasive Online Copywriting, you’ll discover how writing for the online world requires a specialist mindset. Learn how to tap into the transformations customers seek deep down, and how to present your client as the ultimate solution. Customers will be excited to take action!

Whether you’re just getting into freelance writing, or you’re a working writer looking to land better business clients, Secrets of Persuasive Online Copywriting will give you a solid, recession-proof skill to help you earn well, year after year.  

Live Coaching + Homework

Our courses are delivered with a ‘flipped classroom’ style. That means each week of class, we put out pre-recorded trainings for you to watch when you have time. 

Later in the week, when you've had a chance to digest the info, get support from instructors at Live Q&As. Can’t make it to the live meetings? No problem! You can submit your questions ahead of time and hear the answers in the recording, or read the transcript. It's totally flexible and can fit around your schedule.

In Secrets of Persuasive Online Copywriting, you'll do practical homework that allows you to develop the skills needed to write persuasive online copy, again and again. You'll also complete a project you can use as a portfolio sample!

Here's what you can expect


Fundamentals of Persuasive Copywriting Part 1

Q&A coaching Call May 17, 2018, 11 AM PST

Uncover what really drives your audience when they're deciding to buy, how to build trust and appear more credible as you write offers, and how to write guarantees and calls to action.  


Fundamentals of Persuasive Copywriting Part 2

Q&A coaching Call May 24, 2018, 11 AM PST

We'll dig into the pivotal role tone of voice plays in persuasive copywriting, and how to make your reader the hero of the story. Plus discover other proven persuasive writing techniques that boost conversions.  


Online Copywriting Projects & How to Write Them

Q&A coaching Call May 31, 2018, 11 AM PST

Learn how to assemble persuasive homepages, product descriptions, and services sales pages (even ones with tiny word-count limits!) to get customers excited about saying YES.  


Online Copywriting Mindset & SEO Essentials

Q&A coaching Call June 7, 2018, 11 AM PST

Learn the specialist mindset you need to hook customers online. Master search engine optimization essentials, so that your copy appeals to Google. We'll also cover how to present online copy to clients (so developers love you as much as clients do).

Ready to become a persuasive powerhouse?

In addition to the 4 core trainings, you’ll get:

  • BONUS VIDEO: How to Write About Pages That Convert: Unleash the power of personal connection, without sounding lame. This video will take you through the tips and tricks of writing hard-working About pages for any business size. 
  • BONUS PDF: 362 Power Words That Power Up Your Headlines, Copywriting, Calls to Action and More. This download is the easiest way to add rocket fuel to your copywriting!  

All students also receive:

  • Downloadable videos, audio files, slide decks and full transcripts of each training and Q&A call.
  • Homework feedback from Belinda and Carol as you create your sample piece and perfect your persuasive copywriting techniques.  

And when you become a member of Freelance Writer's Den, you also get full Den access to all our 300+ other trainings, our 24/7 forums, and 1,000-member community — the 'secret sauce' that makes taking a Den bootcamp better than any other course option online!

About Your Instructors

Belinda Weaver

Belinda Weaver is a copywriter and copywriting mentor with 10+ years marketing and copywriting experience. After quitting her marketing day job to start Copywrite Matters, Belinda worked hard to become an in-demand copywriter. It wasn’t long before she was consistently booked 4-6 weeks in advance, writing copy that pushed her clients’ marketing into the spotlight. Now she’s helping other writers on their journey to becoming successful copywriters with her Copywriting Master Class course and Confident Copywriting community. She lives in California with her family and her pug, Fenris.

Belinda Weaver

Carol Tice

Longtime freelance writer Carol Tice commands $100 an hour and up for her business-writing projects, which are usually for $1,000 or more. Her corporate clients have included Costco, American Express, Freshbooks, and TrueBlue. Recently, she wrote landing pages and marketing emails for a chemical company. She writes the Make a Living Writing blog, founded the Freelance Writers Den community, and has presented more than 20 online courses. She lives on a lake in Seattle with the man who makes it all possible, two crazy teens, and Rex, the wonder dog.

Carol Tice

Raves for Our Courses

"An important investment in the success of my business" 

“When I joined the Copywriting Master Class, I was a very new copywriting business owner and knew there was so much I didn’t know. I had a few books on the shelf and a load of confidence and enthusiasm, but I needed specific skills training.  

Belinda’s sense of humor and down-to-earth style were what hooked me in for sure. She was approachable and ready to share so much valuable information – I jumped in with both feet and I am so glad I did."

Becky Brown, iWrite for Business

"By far the most valuable part of the course has been the coaching and mentoring. "

“I just signed my 4th retainer client and numbers 5 and 6 are about to sign as well! I've done website content for three new websites, a 4-pay brochure, and Webinar content. I got some clients from networking, and some from just changing my job title on LinkedIn, from what I learned in Launchpad. I've increased what I'm charging and this point, my price for a blog post ranges from $125 - $400 and up. I have so much work, I'm scrambling to keep up. I'm projecting $40K in income this year. Thanks, Carol!"

Kylie Saunder Copywriter  

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Mitch Bossart 

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This is all gold! I can't believe I'm getting all this valuable expertise for only $25/mo. I've wasted a ton of money on courses that didn't even come close to what's in just ONE Den bootcamp. I'm never ever leaving!

Tiffany Graves 

So how much is Secrets of Persuasive Online Copywriting?

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