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Can't Find Freelance Writing Jobs?

Do you feel like your freelance writing dream is vanishing before your eyes?

The economy is crashing. In many locales, you can hardly step outside. You send pitch emails and get no responses.

Maybe you have current clients who've suddenly ghosted you, after not paying your invoice. Or put all projects on hold.

Don't worry — freelance writing is not over! Far from it. In fact, there's a lot of opportunity now, if you know how to connect with better clients.

But you have to be where those quality clients search for writers. Right now, the best place to find them is on the only social-media platform where it's OK to say, "I need freelance work!"

Know where that is? LinkedIn.

Discover How to Use LinkedIn to
Get Well-Paid Writing Jobs.

Kiss Upwork & content mills goodbye. Say hello to quality clients.

It's not all shuttered storefronts in this recession. Some companies and industries are capitalizing on the chaos. They're growing or carefully planning their comeback. And all that takes marketing, and writer help.

Where do many top companies turn, when they need a freelancer? LinkedIn's search bar. Build a strong profile and network on the only social-media platform where it's OK to actively prospect. Now, these companies can find you.

This bootcamp gives you easy, over-the-shoulder, step-by-step videos for how to create your profile and actively pitch good prospects.

Take the on-demand e-course, LinkedIn Marketing for Freelance Writers:

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Here's how it works:  

Skills-Building Trainings
Our materials are available right away watch at your leisure. We record and transcribe everything, so you can access the materials in the manner that works best for you.

Focused Assignments
Action assignments for each module help you put the lessons into action right away.

Real Writer Profile Reviews
Want to see real-world examples of what works and what doesn't? Watch Carol review and compare 20 student profiles to learn how to stand out from the pack.

What you’ll learn


Create a Magnetic LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn success begins with an optimized profile that attracts your ideal client. Learn how to make your profile scream, "I am your ideal writer!"

Separate modules for newbies and mid-career writers include tips on how to create a profile if you're still in a day job, or do multiple types of freelance work.  


Build Your Connections & Use InMail

The secret of LinkedIn is: It's ALL about connections! You'll learn multiple approaches for rapidly building a large network.

Then, you'll find out how to ask these new connections to refer you, without coming off sleazy or spammy.


Status Updates & Pulse Posts

Once you've got a killer profile and growing network, it's time to build your authority with what you SAY on LinkedIn.

We'll walk you through creating status updates that fascinate and Pulse posts that build your authority and attract your ideal clients. See real-world examples of posts that got big traffic, and get inspired!


Groups, Pitching & Job Board

Learn how to identify, join, and participate in LinkedIn's Groups, which can be a gold mine of leads.

We'll also cover the tricky task of proactively marketing. Our pitch templates help you know what to say on InMail, and when to move to email.

PLUS: Tips for finding leads on LinkedIn's job board.

Praise for Carol's LinkedIn Trainings:

Alexis Taylor - LinkedIn Marketing success story

"$115K from LinkedIn – in 6 months!"

I've been a freelance medical writer since April 2019. Since then, I've landed 7 of my 9 clients – and added $115,000 in annual revenue – through LinkedIn. And that was all simply from optimizing my profile the way you showed me! I'm still on retainer for 5 of those clients, and have been able to more than double my income in the last 6 months.

—Alexis Taylor, Philadelphia freelance biotech and medical-device writer & PR consultant |

Neil Pope - LinkedIn success story

"Inbound leads include Daimler-Chrysler"

I don't do much outbound marketing because this year, 90% of my leads have been inbound, mostly from LinkedIn! I've got one $2,500-a-month contract with a major insurer, and another for $3,000 a month as well. I've got jobs from Daimler-Chrysler! Now, execs from Ford USA, Ferrari and Bugatti share my updates, which has led to great new connections and leads. Thanks for all your profile tips!

—Neil Pope, Thailand-based freelance automotive writer |

Tolu Ajiboye - LinkedIn success story

"$12K contract from a simple thanks"

Most of the clients I've taken on since late 2018 are from LinkedIn, most notably Kareo, which is a $12,000 contract. I landed it with a simple 'thanks for connecting' message, asking if they'd be willing to refer me. Instead, they directed me to their company content manager! Thanks, Carol.

—Tolu Ajiboye, Nigeria-based healthcare, pharma, & life sciences writer |

Ready to wake up to InMails with job offers?

What makes this program unique? 

Quickly gain useful skills

There are more than a few courses, ebooks and coaches available online, offering to teach you about LinkedIn. Many cost $500-$2000, and take a whole year. So this is not your only option. But we’re confident it’s one of the best.

Carol has been teaching LinkedIn marketing to her own coaching students for years now. So you're getting proven best practices for getting client leads on the platform.

It's also an affordable, go-at-your-own-speed intensive that helps you quickly acquire LinkedIn marketing skills you can use today to command higher rates... not a long-term commitment.

content strategy

More course benefits:  

  • Stop dreaming, start earning. Put your training to work and get hired! 
  • Save time and avoid rookie mistakes. No need for trial and error with our step-by-step videos. 
  • Quit applying to online ads or hanging around Upwork, and take control of your career with proactive marketing strategies.
  • Gain confidence through action with homework and feedback from the experts. 
  • Keep it quick and simple. We’ve distilled this to just 4 steps. No more wondering why your profile that proclaims you're a 'Freelance Writer at Self-Employed' isn't bringing you great leads.  

Meet your instructors:

Carol Tice

Longtime freelance writer Carol Tice created the award-winning Make a Living Writing blog, and founded the 1500+ member Freelance Writers Den community. Carol has been found and hired by three Fortune 500 companies through her own LinkedIn profile: Alaska Airlines, Costco, and TrueBlue. Her other clients have included Forbes, Entrepreneur, Lending Tree, American Express, and many more. Carol has coached hundreds of writers to higher earnings and success over the past decade, specifically using LinkedIn marketing. She's presented more than 25 online training courses.

Carol Tice

Mandy Ellis

Mandy has been a full-time freelance writer since 2014. Her clients have included U.S. News & World Report, Afar, Conde Nast Traveler, Costco, National Realtor Organizations, and many more. She tripled her income in Carol's coaching program, Freelance Writers Den 2X Income Accelerator, and hasn't looked back since. She's been an ASJA Writing Mentor since 2018 and is a Den forum moderator, helping writers earn more every week. Learn more about her and grab her writing rates guide at

Mandy Ellis - LinkedIn Marketing for Freelance Writers

What would it be worth, to have great-paying clients contacting YOU

You could easily earn tens of thousands more annually, by marketing this more sophisticated skill. Goodbye, $20 blog posts!

YET... Your investment for all of four info-packed modules designed to help you level-up your income with LinkedIn marketing is just $79.

Ready to nail this?

Then grab your access to LinkedIn Marketing for Freelance Writers:

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Divya Agrawal - LinkedIn success story

"$5,000 In new work + added LinkedIn marketing as a service!"

I was working LinkedIn, but needed inspiration to double down and stick to a schedule. In your program, I started sending 20 connection invites, engaging with 5 posts, and posting content 4 times a week. I not only opened the year with $5,000 in new work as a result, I've had so much success getting views on updates that I've started helping solopreneurs generate LinkedIn leads. LinkedIn is massive!  

—Divya Agrawal, India-based LinkedIn marketer and tech copywriter |

Sabrina Gaffney - LinkedIn success story

"2 Contracts worth $30K+ from connection invite thank-yous!"

My two big wins were landing Lucky Brand Jeans through LinkedIn - a $7,000 project - and Beardbrand, which was about $25,000 worth of revenue. And both were through simple 'thank you for connecting' InMails. Thanks for the LinkedIn tips, Carol!

—Sabrina Gaffney, Los Angeles brand messaging and marketing consultant | restaurants | ecommerce | fashion | lifestyle

Alyssa Goulet - LinkedIn success story

"5 New clients!"

I've gotten FIVE new clients from LinkedIn worth $15,000 -- and that's just so far this year! It happened with a combination of optimizing my profile and sending LOTS of connection requests and networking. I shoot for 25 per day. Thanks for all the LinkedIn help!

—Alyssa Goulet, technology copywriter & content strategist |

Why Learn LinkedIn Marketing Now?

Simple: In a time when it's hard to network in person, LinkedIn is the busiest and best place to connect with companies and publications editors who need writers! While the mass, online job boards are full of flakes, lowballers, and outright scams (so many, right now!), LinkedIn is where bigger, better organizations go to search for a freelance writer. If you're not there... you're not contacted.

Nearly 700 million members can't be wrong! In a time when you can't hit that Chamber meeting or attend a big in-person trade show, LinkedIn is where you can easily identify, and get seen by, a large number of quality prospects.

Once you know what to do and say, it's easy to stand out — because most freelance writers on LinkedIn have useless profiles and no idea how to promote on the platform (without annoying prospects and getting blocked, reported, and possibly banned).

If you're struggling to find clients (or to get paid by current ones, who've put projects on 'pause,') find a whole new, better client base on LinkedIn. We'll guide you through the process, step-by-step.

It may feel like work has dried up, if you're just checking Upwork or Craigslist ads, or a content-mill dashboard. But writers marketing on LinkedIn report they're busier and earning more than ever!

Ready to join the elite of writers who use LinkedIn to find clients, in good times or bad?

I'm ready!

No-Risk Guarantee

Not sure if this course is for you? Try this e-course out at no risk! Give our course materials a try for up to 7 days. If you decide it's not for you, we'll cheerfully refund your money. (We’d like to say “No questions asked,” but we’ll be dying to know how we can make our classes better.)


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