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Pitching 101

How Writers Find Better Client Leads & Get Hired


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Pitching 101 Thanksgiving Sale!

A 3-module self-study e-course 

for freelancers who need to find better-paying writing jobs.

Break free of low pay NOW

Are you stuck bidding on Upwork gigs, applying to ads on mass online job boards, or slaving for low-pay content mills? You're not alone. Thousands of writers are stuck in this trap.

Meanwhile, many freelance writers are earning serious money and enjoying a life of independence. Want to join them?

The difference between high and low earning writers...

The difference is simple: You need to know how to cut out the online-platform middlemen, to identify and pitch good prospects. That's exactly what you'll discover how to do in this compact, Pitching 101 e-course.

Pitching 101 includes 3 videos where I demonstrate exactly how I quickly find lists of great prospective clients, locate a contact, and figure out the best pitch to get hired.

Whether you want to write for great companies or move up to better publications, this training will give you the skills and templates to follow to connect with clients who pay pro rates.

What you'll learn in Pitching 101

How to quickly find FREE lists of great prospects in your writing niches — no more finding leads one at a time, or buying useless lists!

Stay out of the slushpile, and make sure your emails get opened! Zero in on the right contact name — then, easily find and confirm their email address.

Get more responses by writing a winning pitch. In a detailed presentation, see how to quickly review prospects' websites to create a pitch that gets a 'yes.'

Pitching 101 Template for freelance writers

This training also includes:

HANDOUT: Super-simple pitch templates you can easily customize to get more clients!

HANDOUT: A checklist of nearly 20 irresistible first projects to pitch that get a YES!

Meet the instructors

Carol Tice


Longtime freelance writer Carol Tice grew her business to six figures — during the downturn of 2009-10. To share her success tips, she created the award-winning Make a Living Writing blog, and founded the 1000+ member Freelance Writers Den community. Carol has helped hundreds of writers grow their income over the past decade, and has presented more than 25 online courses. Carol lives in Seattle with her husband of 30 years, 2 teens, and rescue-dog Rex.

Angie Mansfield


Angie Mansfield worked her way up from content mills, and now makes a comfortable living writing case studies and white papers for clients who don't make her want to pull her hair out. The Freelance Writers Den helped her grow her business, and she's now the Den's Moderator-in-Chief, helping members find resources and hosting many Den weekly podcast interviews. Angie lives cornfield-adjacent in Iowa with a chatty cockatiel, a hyper puppy, and an opinionated cat.

If you've dreamed of living the freelance writing life... 

or you're a working freelancer who's struggling to find enough good clients...this eye-opening e-course will show you the exact action steps you need to find, pitch, and get hired by great freelance clients.


This weekend only: $97 $47!

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We're completely confident you will find this training worth WAY more than the small fee we're charging. But if for any reason you don't find this course gives you great pitching tools and skills, we will cheerfully refund your money — no questions asked. 

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