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Longtime freelance business writer Carol got her first freelance writing jobs around 1990 — and, after 12 years as a staff writer, started freelancing again in 2005. She's earned six figures annually from her writing since 2011, and has helped new freelance writers launch their careers for nearly a decade. She's been found and hired by three Fortune 500 companies on LinkedIn.

Magazine credits: Forbes, Entepreneur, Delta Sky, Alaska Beyond, and many others. Corporate clients have included Costco, American Express, Freshbooks, and TrueBlue. She writes the Make a Living Writing blog, founded the Freelance Writers Den community, and has presented more than 20 online courses. She lives on a lake in Seattle with the man who makes it all possible, two amazing teens, and Rex, the wonder dog. See what Carol's writing now at

Carol Tice


Forbes Magazine called Heather Lloyd-Martin "the pioneer of SEO copywriting." Heather started her 18-year online marketing career before Google was a search engine. Today, Heather runs the SEO Copywriting site and develops training courses for the SEO Content Institute. Her SEO Copywriting Certification training has helped hundreds of in-house and freelance writers master SEO content marketing strategies.

A Portland native, Heather has worked with top companies all around the world, including search engines, television networks, Fortune 50 companies and major publishers. She's been cited in publications such as Forbes and Entrepreneur Magazine and was 2012's Top Woman in SEO.

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What You'll Learn

What clients really want from SEO writers — and no, it's not geeky technical stuff

Are you optimizing like it's 2017? Why your outdated SEO skills might be costing you money

$9,000 from one client!?! How to find high-paying clients that need help right now

If you've dreamed of getting high-paid SEO work... 

or just want to make sure you're not leading clients astray with outdated and damaging SEO advice, reserve your seat now. We'll notify you as soon as the video is up.