What you'll learn in this special report: 

  • How one writer quickly more than replaced her day-job income with writing jobs. 
  • The moves that helped one writer bounce back from terrible loss and grow her income to $20K per quarter!
  • The approaches that help writers bid higher — and get the gig.
  • How niche focus helped one writer earn 2.5 times more.
  • The strategies that helped one writer add $100,000 of income — and buy their dream home, debt-free!
  • And more!

Edited by Carol Tice

Den Mother of the Freelance Writers Den Den 2X Income Accelerator Coach

Freelance Writers Den 2X Income Accelerator

Longtime freelance writer Carol Tice cracked six figures back in 2011, and has earned more every year since. She founded the Make a Living Writing blog. Her freelance clients have included Delta’s Sky magazine, Forbes, Costco, American Express, and many more.

Carol Tice