4-Week Journalism School

Gain the skills & confidence to write the big $$$ articles!

  • Ever read a magazine and wish you could see your own article there?
  • Is fear of making a mistake or looking stupid holding you back from pursuing your dream of becoming a well-paid article writer?
  • Are you stuck writing for content mills and can’t seem to move up?
  • Do you feel you’re earning less than you should because you didn’t go to journalism school — but you don’t want to shell out $30k to attend?

We heard you!

That’s why we created a course that will help you become a more confident article writer – fast!

Get ready to ramp up your income as a freelancer in 2013

Journalism School

Sorry — the 2013 J-School class is sold out!

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If you’re like most new freelancers, you’re confused — and scared. So many questions, so few answers. You’re afraid of making a mistake that will end your fledgling career, or you don’t know where to turn to learn the ropes and gain confidence as a freelance writer.

Maybe, you think, you should go to journalism school. You feel shaky on the basics of reporting, interviewing, and writing multiple-source stories.

The thing is, J-school normally costs up to $30k and takes two years. Who has the time (or the money)?

You could dive in and learn as you go along. Carol and Linda learned everything they needed to know to become accomplished professional freelancers… by doing it for more than 15 years full-time.

Again: Who has the time?

Now you can get it all in just 4 weeks. We removed the J-school fluff you don’t need (the history of media? really?) and condensed the rest into four 1-hour sessions that are packed with valuable information.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • WEEK 1: Story ideas that sell:What makes a salable idea — and where to find ideas that will knock editors’ socks off.
  • WEEK 2: Newsgathering 101: How to find the best sources for your articles, get the most out of an interview, and find solid statistics to bolster your query or article. (AND — how to avoid misleading statistics and sources with an agenda.)
  • WEEK 3: Article writing intensive: How to write an article that will impress an editor, including writing headlines, ledes, sharpening your writing style, deciding on a story type, using quotes, and weaving in experts.
  • WEEK 4: Journalism ethics 101: We’ll answer all the questions you have about conflict of interest, libel, plagiarism, accepting gifts from sources, reselling ideas, and much more.
  • NEW! Bonus training: Writing articles online. Feel intimidated by requests to put blog posts onto a client’s dashboard, get social traffic to posts, select appropriate internal article links, or build a slideshow? Carol will share how she does all that for clients including Forbes and American Express.


And here’s what you get:

  • A free month in Freelance Writers Den (ordinarily $25), where Carol & Linda will answer your followup questions on our exclusive J-School forum, and critique your assignments –plus you can access more than 100 hours of additional trainings!
  • Four training recordings, handouts and transcripts to study on your own schedule
  • Four live, 1-hour weekly Q&A sessions where you’ll learn from two seasoned freelancers and get a chance to ask all your questions
  • Downloadable audio recordings and full transcripts for each Q&A session
  • Write a 500-word article and have it critiqued by 2 pros
  • Dozens of pages of helpful written materials with resource links that will heighten your learning
  • The confidence you need to go after top-paying article assignments

If you want to become a confident, accomplished freelance writer — invest in your success today.

Here’s what 4-Week J-School grads say:

“I acted on the information and landed my first paid gig in February for one of my favourite magazines. If you want to accelerate and take your writing to the next level, then J-School will do it.

The information in this class is practical, fresh, and current. Responses were prompt and tailored to my situation, not a cookie-cutter response. The cost and value of J-School is an investment you benefit from in numerous ways, and again and again. “–Diane Dutchin, WriteEncourageEmpower

“My last clips were years ago. After taking J-School and having my query letter reviewed in Freelance Writers Den, I landed my first glossy-mag assignment from Pregnancy & Newborn. Lesson one of J-School (the story ideas session) changed my life!” –Lisa Baker

“After signing my byline for an article today, I finally consider myself a real journalist. I owe it all to 4-Week Journalism School. Since taking your class and being in the Den, I’ve signed my first contract with a newspaper, and am working on my third submission. I’m building relationships with editors and getting assignments.

One local magazine editor told me he would pay me for a front-of-the-book piece that’s usually reserved for in-house staff writers — that never would have happened without taking your class. I wouldn’t have the confidence to interview sources live or build professional relationships with editors and other writers. I feel very blessed!–Janet Thomson

Our guarantee:

If you do not leave this class with valuable new insights into how to develop, report, and write a professional article, we will refund your money.

Our only live J-School session in 2013!

That’s right — Linda and I will not be presenting this course again in 2013. This is it! If you need these skills, sign up now.

The journalism training you asked us for

We asked writers to share what writing skills they felt they lacked — and what fears were holding them back from getting the article assignments they want. More than 200 writers took our survey. You told us exactly what your obstacles are and what reporting skills you need to learn.

Then, we built this class to deliver the information you need to land better-paying writing gigs. Nearly 300 writers have already taken this course, and now it’s been revamped to offer you even more Q&A support time.

Who’s teaching this class, anyway?

The 4-Week J-School faculty earned their reporting stripes the hard way — we each have more than 15 years writing for newspapers and magazines. Now, we’d like to save you the time and trouble and give you a shortcut to successfully write articles for top markets.

Linda Formichelli is a longtime freelance writer and the co-author of The Renegade Writer: A Totally Unconventional Guide to Freelance Writing Success and The Renegade Writer’s Query Letters That Rock. Linda has written for more than 130 magazines — from USA Weekend to Redbook — and two dozen corporate clients, including Pizzeria Uno, OnStar, and Sprint.

She teaches an 8-week course on breaking into magazines and also offers phone mentoring. Her blog is The Renegade Writer.

Carol Tice is a longtime freelance writer and author of two print business books, who’s earned more each year straight through the downturn. I’ve been mentoring writers one-on-one for several years to help them grow their freelance earnings, as well as teaching groups of writers through live teleclasses and webinars, at the Make a Living Writing blog and in my Freelance Writers Den community. I currently write for Forbes and Entrepreneur, among others.

More J-School Raves:

“My first article was published in the Sanford Herald on Christmas Day. I’ve got an open door with the paper for continued work. The editor was impressed with the sample articles I sent. I will be recommending that other writers take J-School in the future. Thanks!” — Bree Normandin

Cheryl Bryan“Carol, I know J-School has helped me immensely. You were exactly right about experts’ willingness to be interviewed. You’ve also helped me learn about writing for the market — and the importance of marketing — my biggest challenge, I think.”–Cheryl Bryan, Cheryl’s Desk

Courtney Buell“I had considered trying to write freelance, but had no idea where to begin. Now, I fully intend to submit a short article for either Natural Health Magazine or Whole Living by the end of next month, and for me that is huge. I moved across the country at the end of 2010 and have been struggling to find work as a writer ever since.

“Going into J-School, I knew I would have a lot to learn, but really had no idea how much I didn’t know about the industry and proper journalism. I was inspired and motivated by the lessons. Thanks for creating a great course and providing such quick and thorough feedback on my questions and homework submission. I haven’t felt this excited about my future as a writer in a long time, and I have you to thank for that. I feel like I got more than my money’s worth from your class.”–Courtney Buell

“J-School gave me structure and context in a condensed version. I also really appreciated all the research sources. The whole course was like a map that pointed me in the right direction and got me traveling on the right road. Thanks!”–Leigh Brookes

“J-School was awesome! I took J-School a few months before I left my full-time gig. I wanted to broaden my knowledge and give myself more writing opportunities, and I found J-School to be exactly what I needed. The benefit became very clear when a few weeks after I finished the course, a trade association I’d worked with wanted me to take over their monthly print magazine. What I learned in J-School gave me the idea to interview and write profiles of their members, so I pitched them the idea and they went for it!

“I just signed a year long contract with them, and they’ve thrown me other projects, too — press releases, speeches, electronic newsletters, and website content. Because of this work, I’ve been approached by other trade associations. J-School gave me insight and knowledge, and that builds confidence. My road to where I am today has been relatively smooth — because of J-School, I haven’t experienced the horror stories I hear from a lot of new, or even seasoned, freelancers. THANK YOU for putting the course together, and for playing a part in my journey.”–Amanda Ibey, JustDailyLiving

“It’s an understatement how valuable this training has been for me. I just started freelancing this past January, so I am fairly new. After last week’s letter-of-intent/query lesson, I put one together and sent it off (via email) to a few publications this week. I received a response immediately from a large technology magazine who wanted clips and my resume. A conference call this morning with two editors and bam! I’m now getting my largest assignment to date at $1.00 per word. I am still shaking in my boots!

“I am ecstatic over the short timeline of LOI submission to assignment. But I know it was what I’ve been learning in class, and more importantly applying it that made the difference. Now I have a better idea what to say to actually get my foot in the next door. Thanks Carol and Linda.”–Rose McNeill, RoseWrites

Sign up on our waiting list for news of the next J-School session. .